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  1. Good morning, Zaros! Today's update features a few bug-fixes and stability improvements that have been recently requested. Content fixes/changes: Lumberyard teleports are now tradeable The big compost bin at the farming guild can now be used Addressed issues at the dominion tower with Kalphite Queen where the magic attack graphic would sometimes not show. Fixed visual issues with the giant roc pet Added new escape crystal mechanics. These can still be obtained from the mysterious stranger at the Theatre of Blood. Fixed issues in the Sotetseg room in the Theatre of Blood. Added the new slayer task extension for revenants. Fixed cooking gauntlet burn level for lobster and monkfish. Croziers can now autocast the modern spellbook. Fixed ahrim's staff not being able to autocast arceuus spells Adjusted spawn intervals for nechrael death spawns Fixed game bonuses that require a total % of achievement completion (as seen on the game bonus statistics interface)
  2. Good Morning, Zaros! The christmas holiday event has returned along with a few needed bug fixes from the previous update. Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments below. Holiday Event: The holiday is upon us! Santa has sent his Squire into town to hand out presents to the citizens of Zaros, but he has to wrap them first! Gather wrapping paper by participating in skilling, pvm, minigames, and the town board. Trade them to Santa's Squire in exchange for presents. 200 wrapping paper is required per present Christmas Present Contents: Limited time Blue and Inverted Blue Santa Hat. Similar to the green and purple ones handed out in previous years, these will not be easily obtainable after this event ends. Resources, coins, bonus scrolls, bonus xp, instance tokens, crystal keys, and slayer task skip scrolls. Coal Wrapping paper will continue to drop until January 3rd, 2024 at 12pm UTC Using any third party software to keep your account online and actively training in order to receive wrapping paper will result in immediate punishment. Players may gather snow from piles near Santa's Squire and throw them at fellow players. Random Drop Parties will be hosted throughout the end of year containing other new and old holiday items. Other Changes/Fixes: Fixed dominion tower not being a safe death Fixed the firewall phase at alchemical hydra and it not being able to path correctly "Added" value for charged variants of the new upgraded wilderness weapons Nex will no longer instantly respawn. Additionally, we've reduced the orb respawn delay in half. Tertiary items from the new wilderness bosses are now tradeable Fixed divine potion timers in runelite Fixed not being able to autocast god spells with the new wilderness sceptres Fixed the gender option not working on the character creator interface Cannons are now restricted in all wilderness boss lairs Thralls will no longer cause issues with single combat bosses such as cerberus Fixed certain items not being interactable in the poh costume storage interface Fixed willow trees The muttadile meat tree in cox will now take into account custom scaling of the raid Token scrolls are no longer offered from winning the tournament. Instead, a cash (gp) prize of 350m on weekends and 200m on weekdays will be given. Fixed a clipping issue at the uzone hespori cave that prevented usage of the patch
  3. Good Morning, Zaros! In this update, we've upgraded our revision to 216, which allows us to add more new an exciting content from OSRS - some of which can be found in this update! Have a read over the notes below and let us know what you think. Updated Wilderness Bosses: Added the revised versions of Callisto, Vetion, and Venenatis (along with their lesser variants Artio, Calvarion, and Spindel) to their respective caves in the wilderness. Cave entrances can be found on the map and require an entry fee of 500,000 coins. This fee will remain until you are killed by another player in the wilderness. Each boss you kill will grant you 100,000 coins towards the next entry fee you have to pay (capping out at the full entry fee). Caves for Callisto, Vetion, and Venenatis are multi-combat while caves for the lesser variants are singles-plus. Upon exiting lairs for the multi-combat bosses, you'll be placed in the escape caves which lead to three different exits on the overworld to help you run away from player killers. The escape caves can also be entered from the overworld directly, however any player doing so will receive a debuff that drains their prayer while inside the caves. Rewards: The multi-zone variants of these bosses have a unique looting mechanic, similar to that of nex, where contributing players will earn a share of drops at the boss. Lesser variants in the singles-plus zones have a normal looting mechanic given to one player that deals the highest damage. Voidwaker Can be crafted by bringing the voidwaker blade, hilt, and gem to Madam Sikaro in the ferox enclave. Accursed Sceptre - Upgrade from thammarons sceptre via the skull of vetion Ursine chainmace - Upgrade from viggora's chainmace via the claws of callisto Webweaver bow - Upgrade from craw's bow via the fangs of venenatis In-Game Voting: The voting system has moved in-game! It can now be found by clicking the orb (with a scroll icon) near the minimap. From here, you view/select sites to vote on, claim your rewards, and view the monthly leaderboard of top voters. Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Added scaly blue dragonhides as drops from baby blue dragons, blue dragons, brutal blue dragons, and vorkath. These can be used with a knife to net 50 blue dragon scales. Nex: Players no longer get choked from nearby players while wearing a facemask (or slayer helmet) Tombs of Amascut: Thralls no longer trigger akka final stand phase teleports Added the deposit pot which lets you send items to your bank mid-raid. Added the pickaxe cavity in the lobby which allows you to retrieve and store your picaxe for the akkha's challenge room. Skills: Farming: Magic secateurs (and all other variants) can now be used from the inventory Hunter: Flower, bush, and allotment seeds can now be used to fill birdhouses Magic: The magic tab now has filtering for resizing of icons The mark of darkess spell has been converted into a personal buff Mining: Motherlode mine ore veins now respawn 33% faster Added the new southern shortcut to motherlode mine Prayer: The prayer tab now has filtering/settings Other Changes/Fixes: The back-end framework for instances/dynamic regions has been reworked. Players getting teleported into black areas or other players instances should no longer happen. We've done a great deal of testing on the new system, but please report any issues that you notice. The revision update required our music system to be rewritten. As a result, all saved music has been wiped from accounts. Corrected amount of rings of recoils received from magpie impling jars. The abyssal dagger now only consumes 25% special attack energy Added the PK skull prevention setting. The equipment interface now displays weapon speed The maximum Swampbark Armour set bonus can now be achieved with just the helm, body and legs as opposed to the full set. Each outfit piece now increases the duration of Bind spells by an additional tick, so the complete bonus increases the duration to six ticks. The amount of healing percentage for each piece of Bloodbark armour was increased from 1.5% to 2%. Magic attack bonus for the body and legs has also been increased. Kodai insignia and smoke battlestaves can now be exchanged with the doomsayer for points sanctum points. December PvM Bingo: The 8th official bingo will commence on December 1st at 13:00 UTC and end on December 22nd at 13:00UTC
  4. Good Morning, Zaros! Today's update brings several quality of life features and some bug fixes. Enjoy! Collection Log Rewards: You can now earn rewards by progressing your collection log! Rewards and their thresholds are displayed on the Collection Log Overview interface. Upon reaching a threshold, the items will automatically be sent to your collection box. If you have already obtained these threshold amounts prior to this update, you will still receive those rewards upon first logging in. General QOL: The voting store now has quantity selection! The right-click home teleport in your spellbook now stores 3 of your most recent teleports. The 10k quantity buy limit has been removed from shops and instead players will be given a warning when attempting to buy more than 10k in quantity. The doomsayer now sells his own locator orb, allowing you to customize the left-click setting. Your hands no longer need to be free to catch implings barehanded! Added command teleports for each of the raids ::cox, ::tob, ::toa Noted ancient relics can now be used at the emblem trader. Revised the "Slay each of the wilderness bosses 30 times" achievement to include the names of the bosses you need to defeat to make it less confusing to new players. Removed a few less desired clue items from the global broadcast system. The woodcutting guild teleport will now send you directly to the bank there if you have the required level to enter the guild. Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Chambers of Xeric: Raiding parties consisting of only same-group GIM players can now utilize the public storage chest. Raids can now be scaled up to 25 "players" for a fee of 100k coins each. Prior to entering the raid, the clan leader will be prompted with a new interface. This interface also now contains the setup for a raid layout tablet instead of the previous dialogue. Skills: Agility: Reset floor 1 hallowed sepulchre time. Fishing: You can now make and clean oily fishing rods. Blamish oil can be purchased from alry the angler. Herblore: Lava scale shards from scales now give the correct amount for higher herblore levels. Hunter: Fixed the dragon and crystal impling achievements not working Mining: Amethyst ore now has a chance to not be depleted based on your non-depletion chance in the game bonus statistics. Woodcutting: The location at which you "use" and "farm" the redwood tree at the farming guild is now more consistent. Other Changes/Fixes: Fixed the in-game store not fully displaying all the products in each category Fixed a few issues with group hardcore deaths in minigames. We also now have the ability to refund lives from previous server-related bugs. Corrected item values for dragon hunter crossbow and infernal tool variants. Ensouled heads are now tradeable. If you come across any that aren't tradeable, please report it. Bank deposit boxes no longer require a bankpin to deposit items into. Fixed saving issues with the fossil island mud pit. Fixed a few medium clues that did not trigger the runelite plugin upon being opened. Fixed stash units in the lumbridge swamp dungeon.
  5. Good Morning, Zaros! In addition to the highly anticipated release of Hardcore Group Ironman later today, we've got a few new custom content additions and changes for you to enjoy. Have a read over the update notes and as always let us know what you think in the comments below. Have a great weekend! Sea Kraken: Tired of AFKing countless cave krakens? Looking for a bigger challenge? Want more loot? The sea kraken has emerged and is destroying ships! Overview: The sea kraken is a level 473 instanced boss in the middle of the ocean Has enhanced defence bonuses against magic and ranged attacks. Could melee be the answer? Minimum slayer level of 87 is required Mechanics: Similar to its regular variant, the sea kraken will primarily attack with typeless magic. Powder Keg: Every few attacks, the kraken will launch a gunpowder keg that explodes at the player's location. Move quickly, or else! Tentacles: The kraken will spawn tentacles that burst through nearby floating debris. Make sure you aren't standing on one! Similar to regular kraken, these tentacles attack with typeless magical ranged. You cannot move through the tentacles. Waves: Shortly after spawning tentacles, the kraken will launch a row of tidal waves that engulf the center movement area. Players must reach a safe area on either side of the boat to avoid devastating damage. Once the waves reach the sea kraken, she will dive underwater to protect herself and travel to the other side of the combat area to start the combat sequence over again from the start. Rewards: Enhanced version of the regular kraken loot with buffed quantities Exotic Fish - Unlocks the metamorph option for your pet kraken, turning it into the red variant Dominion Tower: Based on feedback since release, we've made a few changes to make the tower more enjoyable. Total tower floors has been reduced to 12 Minor bosses will occur on floor 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 Major bosses will occur on floor 3, 6, 9 Final boss is on floor 12 Handicaps will be chosen at the end of floor 3, 6, and 9 (after defeating each major boss) Banking interval is now different depending on the mode, with higher difficulties offering less banking opportunities: Practice: Every floor Easy - Hard: Every 3 floors (floor 3, 6, and 9) Expert 1 - 5: Every 4 floors (floor 4 and 8 ) Expert 6 - 10: Every 6 floors (floor 6) All bosses now have a chance to drop their respective boss pet upon killing them. The rate for these pets are the same as if you were fighting them in the overworld. Pets will only drop in normal or higher modes (shown on mode selection interface). Further reduced hitpoints for callisto and venenatis. Rewards: Common loot increased Upon successfully rolling a unique, you will also be given a lovely stack of coins (more depending on difficulty mode) In-Game Store: Our store has moved to a nice convenient interface in-game! To view the store, press the icon near the minimap or type ::store. If you would not like to see the icon near the minimap, you may toggle it off via advanced settings. Item Store: The store tokens you have available to spend are displayed in the top left corner of the interface. Items are neatly packed into categories in the dropdown menu. The featured category will display both popular items and items that are currently on sale for a discounted token price. Ironmen are restricted from buying certain items. These are shown with a red outline and are unclickable. New Items: Pet Karamthulhu Blue Paint (Twisted Bow) White Paint (Twisted Bow) Scroll Store: To buy scrolls with USD/Crypto, first navigate to our item store interface, then select the purple "Buy Scrolls" button near the top right corner. Select which scrolls and how many of each you'd like to purchase and your preferred payment option. Upon checking out, you will be taken to the website to finish your payment. Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Alchemical Hydra: Fixed boss speed timer. Speed records have been reset Chambers of Xeric: Saplings near the ice demon room now have a chance to deplete, meaning they wont always deplete instantly. Gauntlet: Modified and added missing floor tile patterns to the hunllef fight Tile patterns will also change to harder variations when the hunllef is below 1/3 health Zalcano: Added private (solo) instances with reduced shield and health. Use the "private" option on the entrance barrier or use an instance token to gain entry. Fixed imbued tephra taking the attack speed of other wielded weapons (such as throwing knives on rapid style) Fixed the amulet of avarice not working on revenant maledictus Fixed players sometimes being teleported back to the judge of yama shortly after dying when fighting him Skills: Slayer: Fixed tasks sometimes being reassigned right after being blocked (while wearing a slayer cape) Fixed slayer ring teleport menus that have lots of entries (abyssal demons most notably) Farming: Using a spade on crystal trees no longer yields insane experience and will properly remove the tree instead. Other Changes/Fixes: Fixed the non-functioning yew and oak trees in the extreme donator zone Fixed the "Tower Power" pet perk not working Blighted manta ray/snare sacks are now tradeable Fixed some misc advanced settings not saving correctly You can now view the contents of regular mystery boxes similar to their cosmetic counterparts Updated larrans chest drop table and added some missing items
  6. Hardcore Group Ironman is coming to Zaros on June 23rd at 5pm UTC! Overview: Maximum team size of 5. Experience Rates: x65 Combat, x40 Skilling x25 Post-99 Each group will be granted 5 lives regardless of how many players are in the group. If new players join later down the road, no new lives are granted. Unlike solo hardcore ironman mode, all PvM/Minigame deaths are unsafe and will result in a life being taken. Upon dying, a message will be broadcast to both the entire server and your group noting how many lives are remaining. After exhausting all lives, each group member will have their status wiped. If a player is logged out, they will be notified and have their status wiped after logging back in. Competition: All prizes can be claimed as Token Scrolls, USD, or OSGP value. First Individual to maximum stats: $50 WINNER - Toxic First Group (5 members) to maximum stats: $150 split between members WINNER - Group "TRB" First Individual to obtain a completionist cape: $100 First Group (5 members) to obtain a completionist cape: $500 split between members First Group (2 or more members) to achieve 5 billion combined experience: $200 split between members WINNER - Group "Dungeon Rats" Disconnects/Refunds: Due to how this game mode operates, status/life refunds will not be given in the event of a disconnect.
  7. Good Morning, Zaros! Today's update features a new custom minigame, Dominion Tower! We've taken some ideas from the classic RS2/RS3 implementation and have redone it in a way to fit the oldschool vibe. Have a read over the update notes below and let us know what you think! Dominion Tower: Ever wonder what happens to all the bosses you defeat? They get sent to the Dominion Tower! There hasn't been a problem in the past, but the tower is now running out of space and the curator needs your help clearing them out for good to make room for all the new bosses you've been slaying. What is it? The Dominion Tower is a 20-floor solo PvM minigame where players encounter a random boss on each floor with limited banking. Reach the roof to defeat the final boss and collect a reward! Need to take a break halfway through? Logging out will save your progress to continue where you left off. Requirements: The only requirement to gain entry is to have completed the achievement "Defeat 100 bosses of any kind" Difficulty Modes: There are a total of 14 difficulty modes for the tower, with each scaling the health and damage of all monsters within. Practice Health: 100% Damage: 100% Banking every floor No rewards Easy Health: 50% Damage: 50% Banking on floors 5, 10, and 15 Normal, Hard, Expert 1 - 10 Health: 100% - 300% Damage: 100% - 200% Banking on floors 5, 10, and 15 Practice, Easy, and Normal modes are unlocked by default. Progressing to harder modes requires you to complete a full run of the next-highest mode. Handicaps: After defeating the boss on floors 5, 10, and 15, you will be required to select a handicap from two random selections. Handicaps are negative effects that you must deal with for all remaining floors in the tower. Each active handicap also provides an extra point multiplier bonus. Handicaps that are harder to manage will have larger point multipliers, so while choosing a harder one might be more painful for you to endure, it might pay off when it comes to reward time. The available handicaps that you might encounter are: Not Special - Special attacks can no longer be used Reduced Attack - Your melee, range, and magic attack bonuses are reduced on every floor Thunderstorm - Lightning occasionally comes crashing down into the arena dealing massive damage if hit Plague - Bosses leave behind a venomous poison in their path Slippery Fingers - Occasionally, your weapon becomes unequipped and is sent to your inventory. If your inventory is full, nothing happens. Unstable conditions - The tower degrades over time causing rubble to occasionally fall from the ceiling Haste - All monster attack speeds are increased by 1 tick. Has no effect on monsters who already have an attack speed of 3 or less. Unholy Ascent - Prayer drains 30% faster throughout the tower Bosses: Minor Bosses: King Black Dragon, Chaos Fanatic, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Callisto, Vetion, Scorpia, Mutant Tarn, Obor, Giant Mole, Barrelchest, Mimic, Dagannoth Kings, Barrows Brothers, Sarachnis These bosses will show up on floors 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, and 16-19 Major Bosses: Godwars Bosses, Jad, Cerberus, Kalphite Queen These bosses will show up on floors 5, 10, and 15 Final Boss: Giant Roc Floor 20 (tower roof) Note: Some mechanics/stats have been altered for bosses in order to accommodate a solo encounter in this new area. Rewards: Rewards are calculated on a point system similar to Chambers of Xeric and Tombs of Amascut. The more points you accumulate, you'll have a better chance of hitting the unique table and also will receive a larger amount of common loot. Earn more points per boss kill based on the mode point multiplier and any active handicaps. Uniques: Boss Uniques - The pool of boss uniques is determined by a weighted set of all bosses you've killed on that tower run. Some bosses that normally contain lackluster rewards have coins or other items added to their table. Jujus: Passive items that can be equipped in the ammunition slot (similar to prayer blessings) These are considered part of the final boss drop table, so they will always be in the pool of boss uniques (above) Juju of Dominance: +10 stab, slash, and crush attack bonus +3 melee strength -5 Prayer Juju of Focus: +10 range attack bonus +3 range strength -5 Prayer Juju of Enchantment: +10 magic attack bonus +3% magic damage -5 Prayer Common Loot: Consists of alchables, consumables, runes, bars, potions, and gp. You will receive 3 rolls of common loot each completion (in addition to a unique reward if successful) Tertiary: Lil' Roc (Pet) - Rolled once the Giant Roc is defeated Pet rating of 89 Clue Scrolls - Flat 1/3 chance per completion Easy, Normal, Hard Medium Clue Expert I-IV Hard Clue Expert V-VIII Elite Clue Expert IX-X Master Clue Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Tombs of Amascut: Crondis (Challenge) - Acid orbs will no longer spawn next to each other on either side of the 4 lanes Fixed the "Need some help" invocation not correctly distributing supplies Scabaras (Challenge) - Fixed obelisks not clearing correctly on a room wipe Scabaras (Kephri) - Fixed the third teleport location of the arcane scarab Apmeken (Baba) - Fixed the shockwave attack with shaking things up invocation enabled Giants Foundry: You will now properly receive a boost when refining with the smithing outfit on Fixed the last sweet spot not working on 6-7 section swords Crazy/Deranged Archaeologist: Reworked book special attack to be more consistent with OSRS Voting Store Changes: Pet scrolls have been re-added for 15 tokens each Other Changes/Fixes: Fixed the crystal key chest not working for non-donators Added trading posts and sawmills to donator zones The extreme zone now has the rejuvenation box moved to a better location inside the bank Fixed visual issues with donator zone herblore patches Fixed not being able to jewelry craft on donator zone furnaces and forges Fixed the impling swarm diverion not sending the correct ending message The ancient spellbook home teleport will no longer randomize the teleport location (like other spells)
  8. 100 reward permits is the max amount you can obtain per game now, so roughly ~70,000 points.
  9. This has been sorted for the next update.
  10. Good Morning, Zaros! Today's update features the long awaited changes to our donator zones. Please take some time to read over the patch notes provided and let us know what you think! If you have any suggestions for further changes to these zones or the donator benefits, we encourage you to post a suggestion thread in our discord. Donator Changes: Zone Rework: The goal behind the new donator zones was to create a single area where all zones could cohesively fit together to form one giant Island. This ensures players are less isolated from one another and also gives the opportunity to see a glimpse of higher tier zones they could potentially upgrade to. Additionally, we wanted to make sure each zone had the proper amount of advancements/benefits over the previous so that a lower zone (cough cough $10 zone) wasn't better than a higher one. All Zones: Skilling necessities (furnace, anvil, mining rocks, herblore patch, thieving stall, trees). Rarity and quantity of resources vary based on zone. Distance from resource locations to a bank also get smaller as zones increase. Dungeon entrance 3-8 Impling spawns that will only roam around each respective zone. Impling rarity gets better as zones increase. Regular Zone ($10+): Zone Perks: +7 hidden level boost Dungeon: Jellies, dust devils, ankous, hellhounds, and abyssal demons Extreme Zone ($250+): Birdhouse Advanced woodcutting area Sand crab training area Fishing spots: Shark, lobster, monkfish, barbarian fishing. Dungeon: Bloodvelds, dark beasts, greater nechryaels, and gargoyles Zone Perks: +9 hidden level boost 2x less likely a tree will deplete 5% extra chance a mining rock will not deplete Legendary Zone ($1,000+): Dungeon area only (no home zone): Blue red, black, adamant, and rune dragons Uber Zone ($5,000+): Birdhouse (can be used in addition to the extreme zone birdhouse) Hespori Cave/Patch Black chinchompa cave Fishing spots: Dark crabs, monkfish, anglerfish, karambwan, and barbarian fishing. These spots do not move. Dungeon: Thermonuclear smoke devils, demonic gorillas, and skeletal wyverns Abundant mining area with 4 dragonite rocks. Zone Perks: +12 hidden level boost 4x less likely a tree will deplete 10% extra chance a mining rock will not deplete Benefit Additions and Changes: New Benefits: Chance to catch an extra chinchompa from box traps (scales with rank) Chance to receive extra stardust from crashed stars (scales with rank) Pets are never lost on death (uber only) Changes to existing donator benefits can be viewed on this google sheet. Green highlighted areas indicate a buff while red highlighted areas indicate a nerf. Other changes: Because of the shift in location, all donator home teleports have been reset. You can set a preferred teleport spot through the Zaros guide at Edgeville. The "Donator Zones" tab in the teleporter has been opened up to all players, regardless of rank. Non-donators can now teleport to the "Lobby" in the center which allows them to visually see all three zones nearby. New Diversion (Impling Swarms): Appears once every 2-4 hours 25 mid-high level implings will be spawned in a tight confined area alongside 4-5 mid-level impling defenders. Kill all defenders before being able to harvest the implings. Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Giants Foundry: Improved upon sweet spot zones Fixed bonus from smithing gear not correctly being applied in the foundry Theatre of Blood: All bandages are now removed when leaving entry mode Tempoross: Increased maximum amount of reward permits able to be earned. This only matters if you're doing high-point solo games. Skills: Hunter: Reworked impling spawn and movement logic to be more like OSRS Overworld: Spawn locations will be on/near the places marked on the OSRS Wiki page. Upon spawning, the impling will be invisible for roughly 2 minutes, allowing it to roam free from the spawn point before revealing itself nearby. After being captured, it will re-spawn as a new type and go through the same 2 minute invisibility period as before. More consistent rarity of impling types, with ones such as lucky/dragon appearing less often (aside from crystal which always spawn at Priffdinas) Puro-Puro: There are 35 spawn points that produce an invisible NPC which roams for two minutes before manifesting, and respawn immediately upon capture. Of these 35 spawn points, there are 21 low-tier spawns, 12 mid-tier spawns, and 2 high-tier spawns. The spawn map for this can once again be viewed on the OSRS Wiki. Other Changes/Fixes: Fixed the ironman manager and a few shops at home not appearing for unranked group ironmen Fixed menaphite remedies not working as intended Added missing magic damage bonus for trimmed completionist capes Updated twisted bow accuracy formula to be more precise to OSRS values. This will likely only be noticeable for monsters with a magic level/bonus of 100-230, resulting in a nerf for lower levels Fixed the Accumulator completionist cape (t) not giving full ammo saving benefits Fixed the xamphur gate sometimes becoming glitched out and not letting players through
  11. Good Morning, Zaros! Today's update features a variety of Content/QOL/Fixes that have been long awaited. Have a read over the notes below and let us know what you think! Trimmed Completionist Capes: Are now available to the few players that have already obtained regular completionist capes and also manage to complete an extra set of requirements: Completed all Master Achievements New master achievements have been added. If you have ideas for new ones, don't hesitate to suggest them in our discord. Unlocked 1,000 collection log slots When the collection log increases size towards the future, this number will be adjusted accordingly (to stay at about 75% completion) Achieved max level on the Town Board (level 125) These capes are cosmetic upgrades only and do not offer increased bonuses/features over regular completionist capes. Each completionist cape/hood now has trim/untrim options to quickly swap between the two styles. Shortened Hans' dialogue to buy a completionist cape. Unranked Group Ironman: Group Ironman players may now choose to de-rank themselves into unranked group ironman, which allows them to join other unranked GIM at their pleasure, with the cost of not appearing on the highscores any longer. For security, group owners are currently not allowed to derank their entire group. To do this you must first leave your group then select the "Unranked" option on the group settings interface. Bossing/PvM/Minigames: Nex: Solo Mode: Solo players can now break out of their own ice prison. Similarly, if you are in a team and the rest of your group dies, you may still break out of the ice prison yourself. Blood phase healing reduced by 50%. Hitpoints reduced by 50%. Minion lifepoints remain unchanged. You can now also use stab weapons (such as fang) to destroy ice stalagmites Tombs of Amascut: Removed a mechanic on P3 of warden that caused his attack speed to get faster at the 60% stage. This is only noticeable when running without the overclocked 2 invocation enabled Fixed not being able to place mirrors in the het challenge room on certain tiles that mirrors were previously at Fixed disconnecting issues at Zebak while playing on mobile You will no longer lose runes from uncharging tumeken's shadow with a full inventory Fixed the 2-minute ready up timer not working in the warden challenge room Theatre of Blood: Nylocas now classify as "spiders" for the arachnid pet perk, but will not work for spider slayer tasks. Entry Mode: Updated hitpoint scaling on bosses to match recent osrs update (capping at 400% at 5 players, previously 500% at 5 players) There is no longer a restriction of 3 attempts. You can now make unlimited attempts after a team wipe. Bandages are now given to every player after a team wipe. Giants Foundry: Adjusted the "Sweet spot" mechanic so it doesn't start as soon as you're finishing up a segment. Spam clicking the mould jig after pouring the crucible will no longer make you lose your preform. Nightmare: Saradomin Godsword special attack should now heal the full amount on sleepwalkers Zulrah: Fixed the boat not having a quick-board option Skills: Construction: You can now build a kitchen spice rack. Since spice cannot be obtained in-game, the functionality has not been added. Farming: Fixed runelite not showing your current farming contract when receiving one from jane Fishing: Double catch chance now applies to minnows Magic: Fixed the fire orb spell not working Added the resurrect crop spell in the arceuus spellbook Fixed autocast select for ahrim's staff Mining: Dragonite ore will no longer proc the smelting effect of infernal pickaxes Varrock diary double ore chance from OSRS has been simplified to one single 10% bonus when the player has completed a minimum of 40% achievements. This bonus is now also viewable in the game bonus statistics tab. Prayer: You can now sacrifice excess heads (cockatrice, basilisk, kurask, abyssal, kbd, kq, vorkath, and alchemical hydra) to the dark altar in exchange for 2,500 base prayer experience each. Slayer: Task extension unlocks will now yield the same amount as OSRS (instead of a random amount of 40-80). This effectively benefits amounts for some tasks (farmable/point monsters) while nerfing others (dragons, wyverns, ect) Added jormungand's prison teleport to the slayer ring teleports Smithing: Fixed not being able to type in the chatbox (or bank search) after using a smithing interface Thieving: Increased maximum coin pouch capacity based on overall achievement progression: Base: 28 40%+: 56 60%+: 84 80%+: 140 Town Board: Fixed granting lower level tasks if re-rolled while the player was inside of a tournament. Expert ToA completions now count as regular for the Town Board task Added pickpocketing tasks Other Changes/Fixes: Removed elite clue scrolls from lower level monster drop tables that shouldn't have them Saradomin wizards that spawn from clues should no longer reduce stats/prayer from the god spell effect Increased efficiency for doomsayer tools Fixed the "no movement" setting not working in the new duel arena Fixed combat animations for rockslugs and the kraka troll Opening the explorer's ring teleport list will now tell you which farming patch you're at (if you're near one) Base rates for grubby key and pages in the forthos dungeon are now more consistent with osrs (still scale based on your drop rate bonus) Added red topaz machete to the melee store at home for pures Elder chaos druids in the wilderness now drop wilderness clue scrolls Added audio for spawning and de-spawning thralls Fixed the fairy ring CIS error message not showing when a player hasn't yet unlocked the ring Corrected ankou drop tables in the wilderness God wars bosses should no longer target or retaliate to thralls Added drop tables for zamorak monsters at the ZMI altar Corrected/added mithril dragon spawns in the ancient cavern Fixed being able to no-clip through the door/walls at lithkren vault Fixed the achievement requiring you to kill all three dagannoth kings in one trip sometimes not working correctly after logging out inside the dungeon Fixed fossil island storage sometimes not saving your stored fossils Fixed nechryael animations when they spawn a "death spawn" minion Corrected xp bonus given from the wise pet perk (now 10%) Adjusted rates for gilded and 3rd age from elite clues (from osrs poll 76)
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