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200m skilling benefits


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Now that completionist cape is being added into the server, it's time to add 200m skilling benefits like how ikov has 500m benefits for normal mode players. 

100m or less for 8x xp rated players would be good. 

benefit of adding that: gives a reason for players to max their stats. 

There isn't any xp lamps like what ikov has so 200m would be fair enough for normal mode players.

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3 hours ago, St Melchior said:

Don’t think it would be fair to copy them from Ikov.

Perhaps we can work on a proper list together? 

ikov's list has 1 or 2 overpowered master cape benefits but otherwise, most are okay. In Ikov, slayer and runecrafting have the best master cape benefits. In zaros, that'd work well too. 

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5 hours ago, king said:

I think having some sort of totem of achievement for gaining 200m mastery in a skill would be cool, a cape however, I'm not a great fan of. 

ikov for example has good perks for each skill when you get it to 500m (it's that high because it's a lot easier to get with different types of xp lamps). Zaros itself has mainly the skilling methods with xp lamps that you have a chance of getting from Raids 1 making it a lot more work to get to 200m. The capes look good and people like fashionscape. 

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