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Zaros Updates [27/3/2021]


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  • Developer
Good morning, Zaros!
We're excited to bring you some new content today along with some much needed quality of life features, some of which stemmed from our amazing community members via the suggestions section on the forums. Additionally, we'll have an announcement in the coming week pertaining to another important feature/update coming to Zaros, so stay tuned. As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below!
Hallowed Sepulchre:
  • Located deep beneath Darkmeyer in Hallowvale, the Hallowed Sepulchre is a minigame that rewards only the most agile of players. There are five floors available scaling with the player's Agility level.
  • The currency, hallowed marks, can be used to purchase items that can help you progress faster within the Sepulchre, or items that alter appearances of graceful outfit pieces or the giant squirrel pet. In order to receive hallowed marks, coffins must be looted, with deeper floors providing more marks per looted coffin.
    • Hallowed Crystal Shard - Used to teleport to the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby.
    • Hallowed Token - This token, when consumed within the Hallowed Sepulchre, will add an extra minute to the remaining time.
    • Hallowed Grapple - When equipped, will always succeed grappling a pillar.
    • Hallowed Focus - When equipped, will guarentee the success of conjuring Portal Frames.
    • Hallowed Symbol - When equipped, will halve the number of sacrifices required to a Sardomin Brazier.
    • Hallowed Hammer - Will never break nails when repairing broken bridges.
    • Hallowed Ring - When equipped, will prevent the user from losing time and taking damage when they fail and obstacle.
    • Dark Dye - This dye can be used on any piece of graceful armour to recolour it into a dark graceful piece of armour. Total of 6 Dark dyes are needed to recolour the full graceful set.
    • Dark Acorn - When used on the giant squirrel pet, wil turn it into a black and red version to match the dark graceful set. Permanent unlock.
    • Hallowed Sack - Provides five rolls on the low tier drop table, one roll on the medium tier drop table, and two rolls on the high tier drop table.
  • Noticeboards are located next to the stairs on either side of the lobby, where players can check their personal statistics within the Sepulchre, as well as the world statistics.
  • Differences in the Zaros Hallowed Sepulchre versus Oldschool:
    • Players will gain 3x the amount of hallowed marks from coffins.
    • Coins received from coffins are 15x the regular amount on oldschool.
    • Ring of endurance drop rate has been reduced from a base of 1/200 to a base of 1/125.
    • The following items have been added to coffins in addition to the loot found on oldschool:
      • Noted regular, oak, teak, and mahogany planks (all tiers)
      • Noted battlestaves (medium tier)
      • Noted bass (low tier)
      • Torstol seeds (high tier)
      • Wrath runes (high tier)
      • Hallowed XP Book (floor 3-5) - grants extra experience in agility. Ten times your agility level (game mode modifiers DO effect this)
    • The following items have been removed from the oldschool coffin drop tables:
      • Monk Robes
      • White lily
      • Holy symbol
  • This activity is NOT safe for hardcore ironman. If you die, items will be sent to the mysterious stranger.
  • A mithril grapple can be obtained for free on the ground at the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby.
  • Since vampyre dust is needed for the Hallowed Sepulchre, Vyrewatch in Darkmeyer now drop 1-3 vampyre dust per kill and are noted.
Fragment of Seren:
  • A new solo boss located in the underground pass. The Fragment of Seren is very resistant to melee and ranged, but weak to magic damage. Protect from Missiles is recommended to reduce her auto-attack damage (which caps out at 12-12) to non-threatening amounts (3-3 damage). She has an attack that is guaranteed to hit close to the players maximum Hitpoints so using Saradomin brews or anglerfish to heal above the current max is recommended.
  • She has four different special attacks:
    • The first special attack teleports the player next to her. This will then be followed by a melee attack, so walk away quickly to avoid damage.
    • The second special attack consists of spawning of multiple copies of her, attacking the correct one (the lighter coloured shadow) will despawn the false ones and cause the Fragment of Seren to reappear.
    • The third special attack consists of multiple beams of red crystals will surround the Fragment of Seren and heal her until they are destroyed (4-8 per heal per beam). Any attack will destroy them, so using a fast attack speed weapon such as darts or toxic blowpipe will deal with them quickly, but overall they do not heal much damage so slower weapons will work as well.
    • The final special attack is the most dangerous, she will teleport the player close to her and charge up an unblockable attack that's based on the player’s hitpoints, dealing all the way up to the player's maximum hitpoints minus 1, regardless of current hp. After clearing her third special, players should eat up close to their max hp, and then once she teleports the player eat to or above their max hp in order to survive this attack.
  • Certain equipment and weapons can no longer be removed from the tournament loadout (prevents people from bolt ragging in a hybrid tournament for example).
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Loot remaining in reward chests will now be sent directly to your bank upon leaving, provided you have enough free space.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Points per 1% drop rate buffed from 5100 -> 4770.
  • Zalcano:
    • Buffed tertiary drop rate from 1/200 to 1/150.
    • Smolcano and Zalcano shards are now rolled independently (per player) assuming they have at least 50 damage done to both Zalcano's hitpoints and shield.
  • Knight Waves Training Grounds
    • After completing the black knights fortress, merlin's crystal, rune mysteries, druidic ritual and jungle potion quests, players can fight in the Knight waves training grounds. In the training grounds, they will face each of the Camelot lords. Only melee attacks are allowed in the training grounds and prayers are disabled.
    • After completing the training room players will receive combat experience and a 30 minute bonus experience book.
  • Fixed animations and added drop tables for grizzly and black bears
  • The following demon-like monsters are now classified as demons:
    • Bloodvelds
    • Icefiends
    • Imps
    • Waterfiends
    • Pyrefiends and Pyrelords
    • Porazdir
    • Hellhounds (including Cerberus) (excluding skeletal and revenants)
  • Farming:
    • Planting, potting, and harvesting will now correctly check for boosted farming levels.
    • Watering a seedling will now instantly grow it into a sapling.
  • Firemaking:
    • The phoenix pet can now be transformed into different colors by using gnomish firelighters on it.
  • Herblore:
    • Wesley in Nardah can now auto-crush certain items for you at a cost of 250gp per item.
  • Hunter:
    • Birdhouses can now rarely give bird egg nests.
  • Slayer:
    • Wild pies can now be properly used, allowing you to attack slayer monsters that have a higher level requirement.
  • Construction:
    • Regular max capes can now be stored in the POH costume storage.
  • Agility:
    • Fixed the entrance to wilderness agility course.
    • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck failing an obstacle at agility pyramid.
  • Fixed issues with not being able to obtain the black candle during Merlin's Crystal quest. Additionally, he will now sell the black candle in his store after defeating the spirit.
  • The following quests have been added to Zaros:
    • Waterfall Quest
    • Roving Elves (note, you will not get a free crystal bow or shield at the end)
    • Prince Ali Rescue
    • Priest In Peril
  • Runes picked up off the ground will now go directly inside your rune pouch, provided there is enough space.
  • Added the excalibur sword special attack.
  • Corrected the amount of extra prayer points received with the holy wrench. Additionally, you can now have a max cap in your possession (inventory or equipment) to gain the effects of the holy wrench. Ring of the gods (i) can now be used as a holy wrench.
  • The filled bottomless compost bucket can now be properly stored with tool leprechauns.
  • Added Iorwerth dungeon teleports to the slayer ring.
  • Dragon claws have received a buff.
  • Numulite has been added to the tool store at home for 200gp each.
  • Guardian Drakes and Shadow Wyrms will now show up on the drop table viewer.
  • Fixed boost formulas for sanfew serums and revitalisation potions.
  • Ring of wealth (i) will now correctly modify the rates of clue scrolls from monsters in the wilderness. Additionally, their drop rates have been updated to show a visible rate (adjusting to 1/2 of the original rate if you have the ring on and are in the wilderness). Added clue scroll drops to some monsters in the wilderness that were missing them.
  • The following stash units were added: barrows, goblin village, elf camp, death altar, entrana church, watchtower, and enchanted valley. Additionally, stash units at the death altar, ardougne gem stall, and shayzien were updated to store proper variations of items within (such as the 5 different rune heraldic helms).
  • Zaff in Varrock will now sell each player up to 150 battlestaves (per day, resets at 0 UTC server time) from the barrel near him for 7,000 gp each.
    • Default - 15
    • Regular - 30
    • Super - 60
    • Extreme - 90
    • Legendary - 120
    • Uber - 150
  • Conwenna in Prifddinas will now sing crystal armour for you in exchange for an increased amount of shards if you do not have the required skilling levels to do it yourself.
  • Splashing no longer triggers redemption.
  • The announcement for completing collection log sections will now only be a personal message to the player instead of an announcement to the entire server.
  • This update also adds support for many new game bonus events and a special event that will be announced soon by the staff team.
  • Blood rune stocks have been increased to 1,000 in a variety of shops.
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  • Construction:
    • Regular max capes can now be stored in the POH costume storage
  • The following stash units were added: barrows, goblin village, elf camp, death altar, entrana church, watchtower, and enchanted valley. Additionally, stash units at the death altar, ardougne gem stall, and shayzien were updated to store proper variations of items within (such as the 5 different rune heraldic helms).
Thank you.
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  • Developer
17 minutes ago, Kami said:

Who asked for all this?

Another month, no attention to drop rates.

Is the Fragment of Seren a boss without drops? If so, why would I risk my HCIM Status fighting it?

All the shit you said would be on the next update aren't here.

The Fragment of Seren has some pretty juicy drops.

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Still think some drop rates should definitely be increased, to allow for proper and healthy inflation. Increasing the amount of events, make donator store more rewarding ( who knows add more customs?) aswell up droprates on lower tier pvm/slayer, and many other things; would progressively “fix” eco, re-distribute wealth. Other than that, agility minigame is a cool addition, glad I grinded 99 on my realist.

Looking forward to the comp cape updates 

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13 minutes ago, Kami said:

IDK what half of those are, but the crystals look like recolours for the pet?

Hope the tome and the other unique are good, otherwise you and I have a very different meaning of juicy.

The crystals are recolors for the Crystal Crown, which is a cosmetic.

The crystal shards, frequent cash drops and especially the Seren's Tome are pretty juicy yes.


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