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Zalcano Loot Scaling


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So Zalcano is often referred to as a group boss, which is fair since the HP doesn't scale, meaning more people = faster kills. However the issue is that regardless if you 1 phase or 10 phase it, all you need to deal is 50 damage with tepohra and mining it after the shield is down.

This sounds achievable, which it is, but this makes 1 phasing actually a bad thing. If you're in a mass that is 1 phasing, you will only have time to throw at max 3 tephora, regardless of how many you mine. If RNG works out you MIGHT be able to throw 4. However this leaves the chance at loot completely being RNG based, as hitting 0's with tephora is very common. This means you can hit a 35 with 1 tephora, b2b 0's with your other 2, mine it for 50+ damage and then receive no loot.

My proposal is to lower the amount of damage you need to deal to the shield to something like 30. You still can't leach, but it would make 1 phasing consistent loot since it only takes 1 good tephora hit to receive loot. As it is currently, 2 phasing is better than 1 phasing simply because the loot chance is basically guaranteed. 

Also less important, it seems like MVP loot is the same as non MVP loot. You get 3 crystal shards instead of 1 but you would still get 990 steel bars either way instead of having the amount increased or having 2 loot rolls instead of 1. Sorry for the text spam.

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