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Alchemical Hydra?

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am i the only person that feels like the drops rates for hydra are way to high, its 1/700 for claw drop, if you actually do go dry theres a potential you can see 2,000 kills without on or if you get unlucky with getting the other 1/700's. Hydra is a task only boss which also slows down the rate of killing and with a kill time of roughly 2 minutes per kill it could potentially take you 66 hours of non stop hydra to get there or potentially even more. many people have recieved tbows in less time than it could take to get a claw drop. I feel like the drop rate for claw and the other 1/700's should be reduced down to 1/500 with the rings from 1/320 to maybe 1/250. i dont think id be the only one that agrees?


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