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Items are worthless

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I got thinking earlier about items in the game actually having next to no value, theyre worthless. Either they're in tp for next to nothing or have been sitting there in tp for days or you have to massively undercut people to get a sale, no one wants to buy anything unless they can merch you down to selling for next to nothing. I dont really understand why many months into the server there hasnt been any try in resolving the issue. you could literally combat this issue with something so simple for instance ( spend a couple of hours giving items a set value, example - set price of an armadyl chestplate to 40m if sold to the general store, set price of dwh to 125m cash if sold to general store ) it would literally take a few hours to set some values for items when sold to general store, not only does it remove an awful lot of items out of the game, it give more cash flow into the game in return therefor items in tp are going to sell more often. not only are items not being cheaply sold for peanuts on tp, youre removing items out of the game therefor the value of items are going to increase. a dragon warhammer isnt going to fall bellow 125m if you can sell it to gen store for that price. a bandos tassy isnt going to fall below 40m if you can sell it to gen store for that value. i think this would help the server a great deal if im honest and i think you need to put some effort into fixing the issue.


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On 4/16/2021 at 11:39 PM, i rift i said:

I actually notice regular players have quite the problem selling/buying gear often. Maybe you could convince most wanted to regulate the economy with his ample resources?


You’d be so lucky. The guy ain’t doing anything unless it’s in his best interest.

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