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Bounty Hunter options

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Currently ironmenn cannot unlock teleport to target for some reason. I was asking Jean jr about and he said he asked other staff. Could we either update this to allow us to TP to target so we can adequately rag them, or have the option to opt out of recieving targets? I would pay at this point to avoid bounty hunter, maybe some donator option for 1hr of no targets? With the server slowly losing population and become more ironmann based I find that the few pk'ers that have not moved servers just farm me for hours if I want to do a clue sesh or something like that. In osrs it was more viable casue if I am gettting ragged I...hop to one of the other 350 worlds. Now without world two it has become quite the discouragement to do that aspect of the game. Pkers definitely need to be able to pk and I realize that there has to be some sort of. 



Create a way for irons to teleport to their targets so I can rag them for a few hours everyday to waste their time in return,


allow me to block recieving a target I have 0 desire to pk. 



Pro's: Will give Irons a fair fight and bring a more realistic feal to the wilderness, and we are the main driver of server? Why not cater to us, the good pkers left 😄

Con's: No kill pics for my bones + blk dhide body + 75k for RA, pking will become evenn more innactive or they might have to scout instead of tele in --> claw --> bone + blk dhide + 75k

Also then i don't have to get called a slave rat vene moronn n***** . Full disclousure I am a terrible pker and I am extremely frustrated that I have no possible way to avoid these people and now that we are low population its the same 5-6 people everyday for last 5 days.


edit: also pauly fuck you for scamming me, i paid you to off me love 😉

edit2: a block list for donators like rtz?

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Support 100% irons should be able to use tele to bounty. Not sure why they wouldnt be able to. Irons can pick up caskets and kill galvek but cant do keys (well they can but the reward is shit and pointless) and they cant use bounty tele which is the only way people pk now a days in the wilderness. Make this content available and REWARDING to ironmen considering 99% of the server is irons making pvp benefical to them could bring back some pking.

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