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Suggestions for Item sink!


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suggestion - add a item sink for example like mandrith can buy pvp weapons from you for 10m cash vesta spear zuriels staff statius warhammer etc etc and same with some items or add a blackjack table which takes items + cash and only returns cash the game is seriously filled with items from lack of players and people are struggling to get items sold so they end up crashing the Tp major amounts 

Also Revs could do with a small buff add Blood money to the drop table along side some brews and some new alchables and maybe make the emblems more common as ive killed 5000 revs and only gotten 4 lower tier emblems worth a few mill each 

Cash is seriously a challenge to get lately as the tp is filled with many many unwanted items from players who have grinded these items and going from 2k players - 300 players seriously hit the economy hard i do think the blackjack table and the 55x2 bot will be a good fix for this you can gamble your items at a set price and eventually prices of items will soar back up to a steady price for the market. 

and yes i know you want to be like old school runescape but you need to remember this is a private server and you are allowed to be Different! add a fancy custom boss or a minigame that is unknown to the outside world and hopefully it will bring back some players 


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