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Weekend of Events 4/23 - 4/25


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Hello everyone, 

Welcome to the Weekend of Events! Each weekend the team will be hosting up to 12 events with juicy prizes to claim - the events will start promptly at 19:00 server time. The prizes for specific events will be announced once the event has started, the prizes can range from mystery boxes to cosmetics to donation tokens!


Skilling Pet Hunt and Boost - The Event host will specify a skilling pet that you must obtain, first person to get the pet specified pet wins. Skilling Pet rates will be boosted for a limited amount of time as well.

Race - The event host will announce a location and players will race to the location and trade the host.

Pest Control Boost - Pest Control points will be boosted for a limited amount of time.

Bonus Molch Pearls - Users will receive increased Molch Pearls while doing aerial fishing for a limited time duration.

Drop of the Day - Users will race to obtain a specified drop that will be announced by the event hosts.

Jad Pet Hunt - First user to receive the jad pet after the event starts win(will specify if you must kill jad or exchange the fire cape)

 Theatre of Blood Boost - Theatre of Blood drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.

Bonus Golden Nuggets - Golden Nuggets obtained from the Motherlode Mine will be boosted for a limited time duration.



 Coordinates Hide n Seek - The host will hide and will say the coordinates of where he is hiding, first person to find the host wins.

 Hot and Cold Flower Event - Users will meet at a broadcasted location and line up in a single-file line.  Hosts will go down the line, asking each participant to guess either hot or cold for a single flower plant; if you are correct, you stay, if not, you are eliminated.

Zalcano Mass - Zalcano Mass with prizes for any announced uniques.

Bonus Blood Money - Blood Money from player killing will be boosted for a limited time duration.

Theatre of Blood Weapon - The first person to receive a Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti Staff or a Scythe of Vitur this weekend will win this event. Pm "Konar" on discord/forums or reply to this thread with a full client screenshot with the words "weekend event" in your chatbox


Regards, Zaros events team.

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  • Developer
On 4/22/2021 at 11:07 PM, Meat Me said:

all of these boosted currencies I just wanna see some sepulchre events :'). Looking forward to the weekend! though ill probably not be on a whole lot

I actually have a new event added for the next update relating to the hallowed sepulchre; increased # of loot rolls per coffin.

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