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Verzik trainer for TOB

Lucky DH

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Could we implement an instance for each of Verzik's phases? Selecting either a specific phase or have the whole fight (phases 1-3)


While this is hard content and is intended to be that way, I feel this would be a great addition to help getting the mechanics down for smoother runs. It could cost instance tokens to set up and would not give any rewards. If you die it should be the same as regular TOB - paying for your items unless you are below the kc threshold. 



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I support this. If implemented I dont think instance tokens should be a requirement due to that they can be somewhat hard to come by in large quantities for iron men (afaik). I'd be open to paying a death fee or similar, but that also somwhat limits the practice aspect of it. 

I see these as a way to help you get your first few kc and then moving on to the actual theatre. I think the pool of people doing theatre of blood would increase a lot with this and that it's 100% worth looking in to.


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