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Event and Aerial fishing suggestions?


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I'm still kind of new to this server but I figured offering ideas isn't to painful. Firstly the event, So in the wild to increase the activity this server has the pk hot spots and ancient crates. Could we set up a similar thing in non wildy area's? Im not sure what kind of rewards but I know rs3 has goblin raiders which are like lvl 24-30 goblins with a goblin general thats around lvl 60 that drops some bis f2p gear. I was thinking we could do something similar or even base it around the gods. Like zammy attacks the churches sara hits up some zammy area's or such? for rewards I would say gear drops that are a little annoying to farm up, for example skilling outfits and stuff like that. (could look at putting cooking, smithing and ice gloves in it cuz ironmen cant get them other then voting.)

As for some aerial fishing changes I just got anglers and noticed that if my invy is full the bird will just eat the fish without giving exp. was wondering if we could have it to where there is a slight molch pearl drop increase when its like that. Sort of like trading exp for less time getting anglers? Just wondering if that is interesting to anyone.


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