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Donator Benefits - Additional "Sell Item" Trading Post Slots


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I am suggesting additional Trading Post "Sell Item" slots be added to donator benefits. Currently as far as I'm aware, you do not receive additional slots when purchasing various donator ranks. As far as I know it's not a donator benefit since I don't see any information regarding it on the Donator Rank & Benefits  thread. I will personally donate for a rank if extra slots is a benefit. Thank you. 


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Hi Kaius,

Every donator rank gets 2 extra slots to sell, only the Uber rank gets 2 more then the rest. The trading post sell offers are:


Regular 10, Super 12, Extreme 14, Legendary 16 & Uber 20.


- Iron Jean



Edited by Iron Jean
forget to mention '' uber get 2 extra ''

spacer.png   Zaros server Moderator  spacer.png

   If you need any help in game pm me on Iron Jean or join our '' Support clan chat ''  



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