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Well of goodwill.


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As far as it goes for an ironman, I feel as if in the main character player aspect, there is a LOT of items that are just being merched into continuation and at that, there is a massive influx of items that nobody wants to buy. For that after years of experience on administrating, moderating, and advising for private servers, an easy solution is this:

A will of goodwill:

You put items in there, after a certain threshold of gp (need somebody or make a script to automate the item frequency's gp) you start an event. 

For example: After 1000m gp worth of items into the well, an automated pest control event, or slayer point boost/slayer drop bonus occurs. Or it could possibly be the first person to get a pet/item gets the gp. Obviously as we all know the gp on this server is coming to a staggering amount, in which case, this pot could incorporate gp into it. With players quitting or gambling it to the highest bidder, there would not be much loss for the server and the items would deflux. 

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I've seen this done previously and it's an idea I support. For the "event" idea, don't think this is all that bad, but for boosts and/or bonus experience rates I definitely like.

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general idea is good i like the idea of hitting a certain amount contributed to activate an event, would be good if you could add items to the well as most would prefer to dump shitty items instead of cash. id hope we can have some originality instead of "well of goodwill" sounds cringe and its not goodwill if youre only contributing for self gain. concept of the idea is +1 tho 😄


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