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A few random ideas


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auto tuna and sweetcorn should be a thing, if you use knife on one or the other with a empty bowl in invent, it should do the full 13 (assuming you have enough), or if you use on tuna with a bowl of sweetcorn etc - also the butter churns don't work, only way to get butter for potatoes pre rfd, which is valuable for low xp modes to make good potatoes, currently have to wait until warrior guild access to get cheese potatoes which brings me back to the first half of this comment.

empty hands to catch imps aren't needed in runescape yet it is here

% too high for diving kit, you can get farm level for giant seaweed in about 10mins into the game, yet it takes you about 4days playtime to reach achievement level needed to buy it, by then you can be 99 on almost all the gamemodes in both farming and crafting, atleast the explor ring has a valid argument that it's ease of access and not essential like the diving kit is. Same with fally shield, by the time you can buy it, why would you need to kill mole anymore you'd be maxed and have no need for the nests.

With the achievements, you'd have an easier time doing normal rs achievement lists to earn the item than you would earning the % needed here.

wall safes is achievement, to steal gems, yet it takes about 7 hours because of the coin bags you get like 80% of the time. And rouge outfit doesn't give double yield like you would expect it to, so it takes even longer. Would make sense to either massively reduce the amount of gems needed, or remove coin bags from them - considering this would then make it a very good viable way for irons to get gems i'd love to see the latter option added.

yak hide crafting isn't coded, it was promised for this update just gone from what i recall, they're 2 really useful items for wintertodt

travel option on spirit tree should open teleport menu not chat dialog

no tool lep at tree gnome village fruit tree patch, as i recall there should be one there

Tree spirits have drop tables but don't work, when you go to chop one of the trees nothing happens, no combination of actions has been successful on my part

Ammonite crab agro range is tiny, feel like it should be a little larger than what appears to be 2 tile range, also feels like a few spawns are missing so you cant afk like you can on runescape



All of my suggestions are based upon runescape knowledge from pre 2015 which is when i quit, if anything has been changed since that would make any of these suggestions fall outside what osrs currently has please correct me.

And the few that aren't i feel would make a good change to the game, having played normal / iron / hc gim and now elite i feel i have a good perspective on the topics i've mentioned.

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