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Extra Chins!


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Hey guys

So I had an idea about something I've noticed that seems like a drag to me that could be improved. 

Collecting Chin-chompas.

Its a nonstop click fest and honestly doesn't seem like you get that much out of it when you use them, whether you use them at Kree'arra, chinning your way to 99 ranged, or pking. They seem to waste quite fast and to me, would be nice if the grind collecting them was a tad bit more rewarding/easier.

So my idea is-- 

Give them a % chance to catch an extra chin-chompa based on donator rank.

It could be scaled, modified however pleased, just something that could make a difference in the log run.

Could be ranked like 


  • Regular Donator - 10-15% Chance to catch an extra chin-chompa.
  • Super Donator - 15-20% Chance to catch an extra chin-chompa.
  • Extreme Donator- 20-25% Chance to catch an extra chin-chompa.
  • Legendary Donator - 25-35% Chance to catch an extra chin-chompa.
  • Uber Donator - 40-50% Chance to catch an extra chin-chompa.


This could be a great addition and give more players incentive to train hunter, go bossing and even be in the wilderness more.

Also would help ironman get more bang for their time and not have to be tortured to grind-click these little fluffy dynamites.

Tell me what you think below!

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