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Revenant Artefact adchievement re-tiered to Master/elite


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This achievement is one of the biggest gate keepers of the completitionist cape due to hours of the same few people pking at revs. I don't care they can pk, thats what the wilds for but with one world and people demanding payment or you get ragged or constantly killed every 10 minutes for the chance of getting a 1 in x thousands drop being in the 'hard tier' is stupid. The same tier has the achievement 'Kill 100 revs' 

Pkers nowadays are incredibly good, with the ability to see what level your target is, presets, teleports straight to you if you're somewhat of an average player you stand 0 chance if someone teleports within a few tiles and lands a tb, I feel like this achievement is just there so pkers have people to kill, clans can force players into making payments for 'protection'.

IMO that achievement should be a master wilderness achievement 

P.S - To people who will say this will make the wildy atleast slightly active or it is what it is, it won't - wilderness needs rewarding content, engaging pk content not just forcing a long rng frustraiting achievement down irons/players throats for the sake of a clan to make a few gp and get a few easy kills

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