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Farewell Zaros


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Hi All,

Firstly, I commend you if you've made it this far & you're reading this. Since day 1 last year of the beta, its been great being involved in this server, I've met some great people and it's been an experience. Was it an experience we all expected? Not really, i'd have to say.

I feel as though a mixture of irl advancements & a lack of leadership/direction on here has contributed to my own disinterest of Zaros. If I do get spare time to play RS related games now, there is little reason to grind on here with such a low player base.

Poor business decisions alongside wayward team management I believe may have contributed to a lacklustre release & complete financial mismanagement of the game. Or perhaps I'm slightly wide of the mark & this was the plan all along, to pump the server at the start, market it perfectly, enjoy donations flowing at the beginning and use that capital to invest in legitimate assets? I certainly hope the latter is what was in @David's sights, for his sake of course, not ours.

I can only presume that the development time that @Hope & the other Java Devs have put into this amazing source will not go to waste & it will be rebottled and served to me again under differing circumstances, until then...


It's with a heavy heart I bid farewell to being a regular face on here, 


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