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All i see on yells every day, are pkers flaming each other calling each other garbage.

This in of itself is amusing up unto a point and then it just becomes annoying.

Yeah, yeah, disable yells or block ppl i know, however i just thought of something that may be rather fun.



Why don't we add something that tracks your K/D vs a SPECIFIC players account?
As well as allow this K/D to be yelled.

For example ::yell !KC 123 and it yells your kills / deaths vs player 123.


Currently, everybodys all just "i've never been killed"  and "yeah you have i dropped you" etc etc.


I think this would be a good thing to add for pkers and they may take fighting a little more seriously instead of using rag gear, which in turn just may liven up wilderness, especially for those who would take something like k/d seriously for bragging rights, and it might make yells a little less toxic and a little more funny.


Imagine if somebody is yelling how they're a pk god or whatever, and some guy just yells out his K/D vs this dude and it's like 10-1 or something, it might liven things up a little.

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