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Sleezy’s Beta Application


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Discord username: 𝕊𝕝𝕖𝕖ℤ𝕪#7566

Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing: I do NOT have any experience when it comes to bug-testing; but id love for this to be a first!

How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape: With just over 10 years of experience I would say im above average in terms of knowledge of Runescape/Oldschool Runescape. Ive put a considerable amount of time in both the “07 era” of Runescape and also the revamped “OldSchool Runescape”

Runescape username & total level: my Runescape Username is: G5 9, my total level is: 1399.

How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros:  I’d feel like id be useful in testing the Zaros Beta because I will be able to put a significant amount of time into looking for a variety of general bugs. I currently have a lot of time on my hands and im highly anticipating the release of Zaros. So doing something to help further the servers progression is something im HIGHLY interested in.

How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing: I plan to spend roughly 6-10hours a day this week testing the beta. So about 30-50hours.

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