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Forget-Me-Not Crystals! (Hardcore & Elite Ironman Idea)


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So I had an idea about the current state of Hardcore and Elite Ironman accounts. 
Personally, I have both types of accounts and I can't seem to want to pvm the way i'd like to on them.

Reason being, as many others are also afraid of, is dying to a game disconnect or internet failure. It keeps me, and many many others from doing things that are a bit more dangerous for those potential gear/weapon upgrades. Especially if you've donated quite a bit and have gotten far into the game mode, it would be extremely demotivating to die to a disconnect. 

So with this being said, I have the idea of the "FORGET-ME-NOT" Crystal for Hardcore and Elite ironmen. 

This crystal, would be sacrificed upon death (whether its disconnect related or  mistakes made) and you'd keep your symbol. 

Now, this sounds OP, but fear not. To purchase a crystal, you'd have to spend 15M coins every time you died. 

It gives incentives to players to try more dangerous activities without the worry of dying to something not in their control,while also keeping the risk of dying still there because theres only so many times you'd be able to purchase it before going broke. 

Ancient shard.png  The crystal model could be a recolored Ancient Shard for convienence/time saver sake. 

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