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i know its something so small but how about something like a dragon hide pouch as a 1 inv slot dragon hide storage thing, no one ever picks up d'hides when camping like kbd or vorkath even regular dragons because its not worth the invy slot, but something like this could be so QOL and would actually pick them up in future, might be a cool thing to have in donor / vote store to spend vote tokens on especially 😄

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6 hours ago, Hope said:

Great idea, only thing we'll have to figure out is what item model to use for this.

Druid pouch - OSRS Wiki

Druid pouch has no current uses i'm aware off, and might be a good one to use.

On a side note, maybe instead of adding yet another item to vote store, why not make it droppable from dragon npcs instead?
A little like Looting bag, higher hp the dragon has the more chance, so babies would drop it mega rare, and vorkath the most common or something.

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