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TOB Achievement re-work - Scaleable TOB


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This achievement needs to be looked at, currently a very select few can TOB and will take a learner - I've been actively been searching for teams for a week now and have completed a total of 2 runs. You have to be lucky the 10 people who do tob are on the same time as you or are willing to take you as they'd rather go with people who know what they're doing. 


Tob does not scale, I've been trying to learn duos without much success, can we please change this achievement to maybe 5 completitions or move it to the master tier so it doesn't block a comp cape? This achievement purely requires other skilled players to complete, if you can't play every day at different timezones your comp cape is done. 


Yes story mode is coming to osrs in a few months, then it'll take a few months to be implimented on here - TOB should scale for duos, fair enough if we have a huge community like osrs to find teams such as discord servers etc, but we simply don't. 


I'm not about trying to make the comp cape easier to get, TOB realiscally will be peoples last few achievements due to the gear required to do the content, it's a huge road block simply because you cannot do it alone 

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100% Agree that it should scale properly for duos, but I don't support lowering the KC achievement. The cape is for completing all elements of the game, and you haven't really completed the game until you can get consistent KC at TOB. As someone without a background in TOB prior to Zaros, it took me several attempts for my team and I to become consistent, and was the last achievement I needed for comp. This achievement can be accomplished by a team who isn't skilled in TOB, but will just take some practice to get down. Though for now I would try to avoid duoing if possible.

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Think it's important to remember that TOB is meant to be a difficult piece of content, which provides some of the best items in the game, making it too achievable to get easy kc, kind of takes away from that. 

However I do think duos should scale to make it more possible for duos to complete 👍 finding a decent CC and learning with multiple people is your best bet for the time being

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