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Completionist Cape Suggestions


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  • Please allow all versions of the cape to be stored in PoH
  • Would love to see an emote added for the cape, the RS3 cape emote would be great, but anything would be nice tbh


I wouldn't be surprised if this is in the works, but would love to see a trimmed version of this cape to be added. I'm not sure what the ideal requirements would be, but a couple things that came to mind:

  • Complete all achievements
  • All Hallowed Sepulche items unlocked
  • All Slayer Helm recolors unlocked
  • All Aerial Fishing buyables unlocked
  • Champions Challenge Completed (This is a separate suggestion altogether, but would like to see Champion Scolls & Challenge added)
  • All Monkey Backpacks from Ape Atol Agility course unlocked (again, separate suggestion in itself)
  • Undecided on this one, but maybe a flat 1000 collection log items collected as well?


Really open to anything, those are just some that I thought would make sense, would be nice to see the requirements be updated as new content is added to the game as well.

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First of all, congratulations on the first trimmed achievement cape in Zaros! I would personally think that along with your suggestions, having all achievements as well completed would be what can trim a completionist cape. The highest tier of absolute dominance in terms of gameplay. +1 from me bud.

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