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~New Werewolf Boss~


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I was thinking bout a way to improve this server, a new boss!

A new Werewolf boss? maybe it could be a duo/solo boss and you also have a chance to get a Werewolf Fang a new item which you will be able to turn into a new dagger or anything else? it will also have a special attack called Seep? which can inflect a state of poison/venom and will regain hp to yourself or can only be the bosses' own special attack? also there could be a new area called the Wolves Den? where you would need to have a certain KC like the GWD? and then you may enter the lair of the Werewolf where you must fight for your life to return the city back to the way it should be? haha IDK just an idea... I will have more ideas in the future!

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