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Dailies, Static Perks, Rant.

Lil Alex

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My list of Ideas that I would like to be in the game.

1. Daily tasks.

I am aware this is not a new idea but hear me out. I've been around for a little while as a player and I always start my day with a small little farm run, get two med clue scrolls from cockatrices and turn them in to the clue master, if you catch what I'm saying it's good but if you don't I'll explain. Playing Zaros is a small part of my routine but after I finish all these small tasks I don't log in into the game for the rest of the day cause I don't have a reason to. Making some daily tasks that bring something of value back in return would be awesome because a lot of players would log in more. These don't need to be money or items and stuff which brings up my second suggestion, static perks.

2. Static perks.

A static perk is something you have to unlock once on your account it'll last forever, just like the slayer unlocks. 

These static perks would be like a skill tree in the sense you would have to choose between two or three options and find the one best suited for you. These perks would be quality of like things like, bonus xp, bonus drop rates, a chance to skip clue steps, your coins automatically being picked up, bonus farming yield and you got the point. 

These would be stuff that could give a skiller some purpose and a sense of goals.

3. Untradables, Upgrades --Storing them.

Untradables, we all love them, we all need them during our early game. 

What if we could make them have purpose even in the end game? But with a small twisted twist.

My idea is simple, what if we could make void better? But with a twisted twist like, it would only do better damage or have a higher defense against bugs?? 

This idea can be added to other items too but with a small twisting reality twist, the item would become untradable but BIS for a certain kind of pvm.

And now let's talk storage, bank, POH and the complete laziness of the human being (you'll understand). Untradables need to be store somewhere and I think the bank is not enough. A normal player's bank is quite small in space and in value, this implies something needs to change for it to stop being lile that lol. Many of you will say, uGh sToRE yOur uNtRAdaBlEs iN YOur POH, but to those people I will say, fuck u nobody does that shit it's 2023 bro. My idea is that we should add a place where we can store our untradable shit so we don't have to walk to the POH to take the void whenever we wanna do Vorkath and shit, maybe make the untradable shit cost 0 bank space? IDK

Love you all enjoy your tea cause I enjoy mine

Hope you're happy HOPE I made a thread. Stop adding OSRS SHIT NOBODY WANTS IT DAMMJT




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