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Transfering Donator ranks

Lynx Iron

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Hey all, do you think it’s ever going to be able to buy a scroll to transfer over donation ranks. (Won’t get store credits, bit that will make people able to  get their ranks they donated for on a account they are playing on) for example dead hardcores.

For example put a note in the donator store for 100-250 store credits to trade over a rank. Since you already paid for the rank, I think that should be fair. I have a main realist account with legendary rank, which I don’t play anymore because I play ironman now. but I really can’t see myself spending another 1000$  in scrolls into that Ironman.

Would be fair if I could get the rank on the Ironman tho, since I paid for it, right ??  Saw a lot of people talking about this, how donation status just go to waste by not playing them anymore. And it wont affect the game at all, since no new items or stuff comes in the game by doing that.  

and like I said, it’s only fair because people legit already paid for the ranks. And it won’t affect the game by not adding store credits for the rank.


Thanks a lot for reading this.

Kind regards,


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This would ultimately hurt the server in the long run. It would hurt funds that go into the server, payroll and ultimately making it not viable to run. 
As much as it would be nice to kinda "chuck" all your donator account totals onto one, its better to leave it as is for the purpose of the longivity of the server. 

Players should be 100% certain about what account type they sink their money into, to avoid the problem of useless accounts with X donation total on it.

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"This would hurt the server in the long run".

172 Players Online when its around 18:00

Think that ship has already salied.

Not doing it would just make it seem like a quick cash grab. + its only fair that u get what u paid for imo.

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While the concept itself is nice towards the playerbase, you also need to remember that it is a HUGE cost for upkeep. While yes, it's not *fair* to be able to transfer scrolls over and/or transfer donator rank from one account to another, think of it as you supporting the game you love and the people who put all of their time and effort into making it enjoyable for people like us.

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