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Come in and flame ZVG (ZVG left zaros)


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firstly if my yt pfp isn't acceptable and any staff member and/or owners wants me to change it, pls tell me.


ill be editing this post every time I create and upload a new "2021" video quest guides. pls note I tried my best making the video 

Cooks Assistant <-- click there for the video.

Ernest the Chicken <--- click there for the video.

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9 minutes ago, Kami said:

Personally found the voice over really annoying.

There's also no point making specific guides for quests since they're the same as OSRS, so you could just use that.

well thanks? I'm not allowed to use my real voice tyvm, and not every quest on zaros is the same >.> but yeah thanks for the comment. But I did you a favor and deleted those and changed the name 🙂

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  • ZVG changed the title to Come in and flame ZVG (ZVG left zaros)

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