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Zaros Updates [24/6/2021]


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  • Developer
Good morning, Zaros!
We've been working diligently over the past 8 weeks to not only implement new content but also complete a revision upgrade so this update took a little longer than the rest to complete and test. With that said, we're proud of how everything turned out and excited for what is soon to come in future updates. Please take some time to read all the patch notes below and as always leave some feedback on things you like and things we can improve on.
Revision Upgrade:
  • We have successfully finished upgrading revisions from 191 to 196. This opens up the opportunity for us to add all content that OSRS has added since September of 2020. You'll see some of it already added in this update, but we'll continue to add more over the coming months alongside new custom content.
  • Settings Interface:
    • As seen on oldschool, the settings tab has been reduced and (mostly) all settings have been moved into one collective interface.
    • We've also taken the time to move the custom settings zaros had into this main interface (found under the "Gameplay" section).
  • Clans:
    • Progress on integrating the new clan features from oldschool has started, but as it's quite a large system it'll take just a bit longer to complete.
Shooting Stars:
  • Our first distraction and diversion, in which meteors fall from the sky every two hours (about) across the overworld. These can be mined for stardust, which can be exchanged at a shop run by Dusuri at the Mining Guild entrance.
  • Players can use a telescope in the study room of their POH (or a friend's) to find the approximate area and time of the next landing. The better the telescope, the more accurate the time window given will be.
  • Over 70 different landing sites.
  • Stars will crash in sizes of 1 to 9. The mining level required to mine each star is (size * 10). Each layer of the star is mined from 0% to 100%, at which point the outermost layer sloughs off, and the star's size is reduced by one tier. The amount left to mine of the current layer can be determined by prospecting while mining. More dust can be obtained from lower sized stars versus higher level stars, however the experience will be less. Players have a chance, upon each successful mine, to get an extra stardust. This rate increases with the size of star. See the below picture for various information on the different star sizes.
  • A star can only deplete at a maximum rate of 3 stardust per game tick. For example, if 8 players successfully mine the same star on the same tick, they will all still receive loot as normal, but the star's remaining "health" bar will only decrease by 3 points. This means, for example, that the final layer of a star will always last at least 4 minutes, regardless of the amount of players mining it at once.
  • Items from Dusuri's Star Shop:
    • Celestial Ring:
      • Gives a permanent +4 invisible mining boost
      • Can be charged with stardust for a 1/10 chance of giving an extra ore when mining rocks up to adamantite. A charge (1 stardust) is used for each successful rock mined regardless or not of you getting an extra ore.
      • Can be combined with an elven signet at a singing bowl (or with Conweena) to create a celestial signet, combining the effects of both rings.
    • Star Fragment:
      • Allows one piece of the prospector kit to be recoloured to a gold variant.
    • Star Locator (custom):
      • "Find" - will tell you the general area that the star spawned in, if you missed the announcement or do not have a telescope in your house.
      • "Teleport" - will send you directly to the star (when active) at a cost of 50 stardust per teleport.
    • Bag full of gems
    • Soft clay pack
  • New medium tier achievement for mining 1,000 stardust.
Mahogany Homes:
  • Mahogany Homes is a construction company led by Amy, the company's founder, and has four offices throughout Gielinor: Falador (where their main office is), Varrock, East Ardougne, and Hosidius. The construction offices are all located in or near the Estate Agent offices in each city. Players who have a player-owned house can talk to Amy in Falador to sign up and afterwards talk to her or Marlo, Ellie or Angelo in the aforementioned cities, where they can be given various tiers of construction jobs depending on the player's Construction level. Each tier will require a different type of plank.
  • Players can choose to take on any of the following four tiers of  Construction Contracts by speaking to a Contractor, assuming they meet  the level requirement:
    • Beginner - Level 1 - Normal planks
    • Novice - Level 20 - Oak planks
    • Adept - Level 50 - Teak planks
    • Expert - Level 70 - Mahogany planks
  • All jobs, regardless of tier, will assign players to a random NPC out of twelve in any of the four cities. Once players arrive at the client's home, they will be informed of what their job is, which can involve building furniture or repairing existing ones. Players will use their own supplies to complete the jobs, and once the job is complete, they will speak to the client to receive carpenter points and Construction experience, they will also be offered a cup of tea from their client before they leave. Accepting the cup of tea restores the player's run energy to 100%.
  • Amy, the founder, can be accessed via the NPC Contact spell.
  • Carpenter point gain from contracts are 2x of oldschool. A game bonus for this has also been added for the event team to run periodically.
  • Rewards:
    • Supply crate:
      • Contains a variety of construction related materials, although will not be enough to recoup the amount you use in mahogany homes.
    • Amy's Saw:
      • An equipable saw that saves you an inventory space when building.
      • Has a custom option "teleport" that will take you directly to your active contract.
    • Plank Sack:
      • Holds up to 28 planks of any variety or combination. When building furniture in your POH or a client's home, planks are used directly out of the sack if you don't have enough in your inventory.
    • Hosidius Blueprints:
      • Unlocks the hosidius wall kit for your player owned house. Bring this to an estate agent.
    • Carpenter's outfit:
      • Previously, this set was obtained randomly from building furniture within your POH. This set can now only be obtained through Amy's reward shop.
  • New medium tier achievement for earning 100 carpenter points.






Vanstrom Klause:
  • Vanstrom Klause is a new vampyre type boss located in Darkmeyer. Players may recognize him from the quest "Sins of the Father" in oldschool runescape. You can reach this boss through the teleporter under "Bosses". The instance is free and can be started by speaking to the human version of Vanstrom near where you spawn.
  • Mechanics:
    • Vanstrom uses mechanics in a 1:1 layout as seen on OSRS. As such, this means you can only harm him with the ivandis or blisterwood flail. He has a high defence level of 180 and uses magic attacks.
    • Vanstrom's initial phase consists of blood and shadow type spells combined with three unique special attacks players must dodge or interact with (roughly every 8-10 attack cycles).
    • Once reaching 0 hitpoints, Vanstrom will heal himself for 200 hitpoints and transform into a final phase spreading lightning bolts throughout the fight area and attacking with 100% accuracy (with lower damage).
    • Upon death, vanstrom will not respawn. Players must re-enter the instance.
    • Those wishing to read more in depth to Vanstrom's mechanics can find information here.
  • Notable Drops:
    • Blood shard
    • Rune and dragon alchables
    • Acidic bloodveld pet
    • Haemalchemy (blood ammunition) book:
      • This book (which directly translates to the study of transmuting or modifying blood), upon reading, will grant players the ability to make blood infused arrows and bolts with the use of Vials of blood. These items, much like poison with a suffix of (p) will have suffix of (b) denoting blood. Arrows and bolts are tradeable but cannot be used unless the player has learned the knowledge first. The book is tradeable.
      • The arrows and bolts, when tipped with blood, offer the chance (10%) of inflicting a bleed effect on the target for every non-zero hit. Bleed damage is a rapid damage over time effect. The base damage of this effect depends greatly on the damage dealt when it was triggered. A formula example follows below along with a GIF of the effect:
        • Example case: Player triggers the bleed effect with a hit of 24.
          • The first 0-10 damage is multiplied by 30%, with a guaranteed minimum of 2. The result in this example is 3.
          • The next 0-10 damage (which is the 10-20 in your hit) is multiplied by 20%. The result in this example is 2.
          • All damage remaining past 20 is multiplied by 10%. The result in this example is 0.4.
          • The above 3 numbers are summed up together  (3 + 2 + 0.4 = 5.4) rounded to 5.0
          • The resulting number (5) is now the base damage for the bleed effect. Damage will be dealt to the target, similar to poison, decreasing after every hit. The hits will be as follows: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 (totaling 15 damage spread across 5 game ticks).
    • Runescroll of swampbark:
      • Gives you the knowledge to craft swampbark magic armour using splitbark pieces and nature runes on the nature altar. Requires 42-48 runecrafting depending on the piece.
      • Each set piece worn grants +1 tick duration (maximum of 5 ticks) to all three bind spells.
    • Runescroll of bloodbark:
      • Gives you the knowledge to craft bloodbark magic armour using splitbark pieces and blood runes on the blood altar. Requires 77-81 runecrafting depending on the piece.
      • Each set piece worn grants +1.5% heal amount from all ancient blood spells.

TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges:
  • TzHaar-Ket-Rak's Challenges is a solo combat minigame in the inner area of Mor Ul Rek, located within the Karamja volcano. Offspring of TzTok-Jad, JalTok-Jads have been increasing in numbers, and TzHaar-Ket-Rak, a TzHaar warrior, is tasked with reducing their numbers. He can give out challenges to players to deal with the JalTok-Jad.
  • Players who accept the challenge will face an increasing number of JalTok-Jads per challenge. The first challenge has players fight one, which then unlocks the next challenge, until players face six simultaneously. The first two challenges are available for anyone who is able to enter the inner area of Mor Ul Rek; the next four require players to have completed the Inferno at least once.
  • Completing a challenge will reward TokKul, with the player's best completion times tracked on a scoreboard nearby. Players who complete all six challenges will unlock a transmogrify option for a pet TzRek-Jad, turning it into JalRek-Jad.
  • New master tier achievement for completing the sixth challenge.
Knight Waves Training Grounds (Camelot):
  • New activity located on the top floor of Camelot castle. Players do not need to have any quests or per-requisites for this activity.
  • Fight a total of 8 knights using melee only without the use of prayer, ranged, or magic. Knights will reduce your stats considerably throughout the fight. Upon defeating any knight, you may leave the training grounds with your progress saving for when you return.
  • Upon defeating the last knight, players are granted a 1-time reward of 20,000 base experience in attack, strength, defence, and hitpoints. A 30-minute bonus experience book is also granted.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Raid layout tablets - A new consumable item that gives you a guaranteed 3c2p or 4c1p layout with good combinations of boss and puzzle rooms for speedy runs. This tablet is available from CoX as a drop at 1/10 (similar to elite clue scroll). The tablet is also available in the voting store and is tradeable. If you own one of these tablets, you will be prompted with an option upon entering the raid (as the leader of your party). The tablet can be either in your inventory or bank.
    • Players can now purchase Xeric killcount capes from Captain Rimor. The capes have a reduced killcount requirement of 1/4 oldschool with the last cape requiring 500 completions.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • New game modes were introduced on the party settings and highscores interfaces due to the revision upgrade, however they are not yet utilized or selectable.
    • The reward chest interface now has a "discard-all" option.
  • Nightmare:
    • Added the nightmare bonus scroll - Increases drop rate for unique items by 10% for one hour. Available in the voting store.
  • Warrior's Guild:
    • Magic/range can no longer be used to kill animated armour sets.
  • Hallowed Sepulchre:
    • Added the equipment storage. This can be accessed by a right-click option on the mysterious stranger. It allows you to store all gear purchased from his store.
  • Fixed animations and drop tables for level-7 crawling hands (meiyerditch laboratories) and level-111 blue dragons (ogre enclave).
  • Fixed animations for white knights.
  • Corporeal Beast:
    • Added the jar of spirits.
  • Vorkath:
    • Players may now trade extra Vorkath Heads to Torfinn (on Ungael) for loot rolls on the Vorkath drop table. You will not get additional killcount from doing this.
  • Mutant Tarn:
    • Fixed safespotting
    • Fixed an issue where terror dogs would sometimes re-spawn in odd locations.
  • Demonic Gorillas:
    • Upon respawning, gorillas will no longer be in the middle of a particular attack style rotation.
  • Mimic:
    • Added guaranteed coins and increased mahogany planks to the drop table.
  • Crazy/Deranged Archaeologist:
    • Added "flying book" pets (base rate of 1/2000). The two pets are unique in color.
  • Zulrah:
    • Due to numerous complaints, we've removed the random "jad-like" phase on the east side in rotation 2. To clarify, this was not a bug and was added on oldschool in 2015 as a rare chance. As a QOL improvement and because it seems unnecessary in a private server, we have removed it.
  • Thermonuclear Smoke devils:
    • Added the jar of smoke.
  • Commander Zilyana, Kreearra, and Kril Tsutsaroth will now correctly drop their potions in groups of two, as stated on the wiki.
  • Desert bandits will now never lose aggro when a player is wearing a conflicting god item.
  • Added the settlement ruins (near Wintertodt). This area is filled with ice giants, wolves, and ice spiders. The location has also been added to the slayer ring for those with tasks in this area.
  • Smouldering stone has been added to the hellhound drop table.
  • Added the woodcutting guild ent cave.
  • Cannons are no longer allowed inside the boss instance version of the KBD lair.
  • Added the wilderness slayer cave.
  • Agility:
    • Lap counters have been added to every course. These will not be retroactive and will start at 0 for every player on this update.
  • Construction:
    • Estate agents now have right-click options for relocating and redecorating a player's house.
  • Magic:
    • Players can no longer reanimate ensouled heads that are on the ground.
    • The bounty hunter target teleport will now put you between 6-12 tiles away from your target (no closer).
    • You can now make lunar and ancient teleport tablets at their respective lecterns in the overworld.
  • Slayer:
    • Barrows tasks will now assign an amount equivalent to X perfect barrows runs (i.e. divisible by 6).
    • Enormous tentacles (kraken) will no longer count towards slayer task kills.
    • You can now have multiple superior slayer monsters spawned at once.
    • Shadow wyrm superiors will now have the correct stats upon transforming.
    • Upon receiving a tzhaar slayer task from nieve or duradel, you can now transform it to either 1 jad kill or 1 zuk kill (1 kc required for the zuk option)
    • Barrelchest, mutant tarn, and nightmare have been added to the boss slayer task pool.
    • Mind shields have been added to the slayer shop.
    • Added Mazchna and Chaeldar. They can be found in their respective areas.
  • Farming:
    • Gricoller's can CAN now be stored with the tool leprechauns.
    • The teleporter will now put you inside the farming guild if you have the required level (and outside if you do not).
    • The hespori above-ground sprout indicator will now correctly show if it is ready to be harvested.
    • Patches will correctly no longer become weedy or reset to a weedy state for extreme+ donators  upon logout.
    • You can now trade a crystal weapon, armour, or tool seed to Pennant in Prifddinas (near the crystal tree farming patch) in exchange for a crystal acorn.
  • Thieving:
    • Seaweed spores can now be pickpocketed from master farmers.
    • Added the ability to thieve stone chests in the lizardman temple. Be cautious, if unsuccessful in looting the chest, there is a 1/8 chance you will be teleported away.
Combat (PvP):
  • Slightly adjusted the defensive roll for magic accuracy in PvP. This change gives increased accuracy in calculations made involving prayer bonuses. While not significant, most players using a good-BIS setup will take advantage of an additional 1-2% increased accuracy.
  • Granite mauls with ornate maul handles attached will now drop as 375k coins in a PvP death.
  • Added the soul bearer item:
    • Works similar to oldschool in that it sends dropped ensouled heads to your bank (or inventory if you are an ultimate ironman). Can be charged up to 1,000 with 1 soul and 1 blood rune per charge. Can be uncharged to retrieve your runes back.
    • Added a custom settings feature to the soul bearer, allowing the user to automatically sacrifice the ensouled head for 1/3 prayer experience that they would normally get by killing it instead of sending it to the bank.
    • Available in the voting store for 15 tokens.
  • New item - "Dragonhide pouch":
    • Can store up to 100 of each un-tanned dragonhides.
    • Has a toggle auto-pickup function when killing anything that drops hides.
    • Can right-click "bank hides" while the banking interface is open.
    • Available in the voting store for 35 tokens.
  • The scroll sack (o) now has a "fill" option that will transfer any clues within your inventory into the sack. Additionally, options have been added to the item while it is equipped.
  • Dying with crystal tools should now properly grant you both the tool and seed back.
  • Added the duradel teleport option on karamja gloves 4.
  • Players can now use a vorkath's head on either a ranging or max cape to give full ammo saving effects to that cape and all future capes they buy (excluding cosmetic max cape variants).
  • Corrected the dragon hunter lance running animation.
  • Added sounds to the toxic blowpipe regular and special attacks.
  • The effect message of the brimstone ring is now filtered.
  • Added special attack for the bone dagger.
  • Corrected the bone crossbow special attack animation.
  • Ava's attractor and accumulator are no longer deleted on death. Instead, they will either be either sent to your gravestone (pvm and low level wilderness deaths) or deleted (deep wilderness pvp deaths).
  • Bolt Pouch:
    • There is a new slot in the Pouch called Extra Ammo, in your worn equipment tab above your normal ammo. You can left-click/tap to switch between your worn bolts and extra bolts without opening the pouch itself.
    • To wear bolts from the Pouch, just drag and drop them into the current ammo slot.
    • You no longer need to right-click an item in the Pouch to remove it - you can simply left-click/tap.
  • You can now cure yak-hides by using the right-click option on Thakkrad Sigmunson.
  • You can now craft yak-hide armour using a needle, thread, and cured yak-hide.
  • Completionist capes (regular, fire, and infernal) are now marked as "warm" items for Wintertodt.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • The crafting cape teleport will no longer put you inside a sink.
  • You can now correctly store all variants of combat bracelets in the slayer tower stash unit.
  • The vyre well will now flow red with blood when players have active charges within.
  • Wyson the gardener will now give random nest boxes per each mole part traded in versus one single nest box type per entire trade-in.
  • The rogues chest in the wilderness is now viewable on the drop table viewer.
  • Fixed issues with the achievement for "killing all godwars bosses in one trip".
  • Added ::pc command for quickly getting to pest control for events.
  • Added ::benefits command for quickly viewing the donator benefits thread.
  • The teleporter will now place you inside the cerberus lair if you have a slayer level of 91 or higher.
  • Fixed the energy barrier in the south part of port phasmatys not working correctly.
  • Fixed visual and animation issues with the rock climb obstacle in Obor's lair.
  • Fixed an issue where legendary+ donators would sometimes get permanently stuck on stage 3 of easy treasure trails.
  • Stocks for "hop" type seeds have been increased by 5x at the draynor and farming guild shops.
  • Presets can now be reordered and recolored, only works in the primary preset interface.
  • Fixed some shortcuts, ladders, and caves around the troll stronghold area.
  • Added the crevice shortcut in dwarven mine.
  • Added the stepping stone shortcuts near shilo village.
  • Issues with dagannoth king drops were resolved.
Patch Notes (25/6/2021):
  • Mahogany Homes:
    • Achievement requiring you to obtain carpenter points has been corrected to need 100, instead of only 1.
    • Interactions for certain furniture pieces in leela, norman, and mariah's house has been fixed.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Fixed first slot of the application interface.
    • Fixed issues with the supply chest interface. Stamina potions will now be limited to 2 per raid (per person).
  • Fixed captain rimor's chambers of xeric cape shop not correctly displaying capes.
  • Looting bag can now be emptied with your bank open.
  • Added drop tables for the blue dragons found in taverly dungeon.
  • Fixed slayer task isues with bats and moss giants.
  • Fixed issues with the npc contact interface.
  • Vanstrom Klause:
    • Players will no longer be able to go up the stairs.
    • Lightning will no longer deal damage after Vanstrom has died.
    • Vials of blood are now noted.
  • White lily seeds, amethyst arrowtips, amethyst bolt tips, grape seeds, javelin shafs, and potato cactus seeds are now tradeable.
  • Completionist capes will now be unequipped if a player does not have all the requirements after a server update.
  • Godwars chamber entrances will now correctly check killcount and deduct killcount upon entering.
  • Shooting stars will now last slightly longer with multiple people mining them.
  • Runelite:
    • Several issues for overlay-type plugins have been resolved. Some examples included (but are not limited to): ground tile markers, tears of guthix, boss timers, ammunition overlays.
    • Loot tracker now works correctly.
  • Father aereck is now correctly in the church at lumbridge.


Patch Notes (27/6/2021):
  • Fixed Arceuus spellbook, you can now reanimate ensouled heads and teleport.
  • Ignisia will allow you to exchange with her again.
  • RuneLite will now treat charged variants of Dragonfire shield, Ancient wyvern shield, and Dragonfire ward as fully charged when displaying the stats on hover.
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This update broke mobile for me, anyone else?

Uninstalled, deleted all apks, re-downloaded, still doesn't work


Edit: fixed. try clearing cache,cookies, etc on your default browser. If that doesn't work use a different browser, like Firefox, opera, etc. The new mobile apk should be 7.63mb. The old one was ~6.35mb

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10 minutes ago, Lowlife said:

This update broke mobile for me, anyone else?

Uninstalled, deleted all apks, re-downloaded, still doesn't work

Yup broke for me too... 😞


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good night moderators, game from Brazil.

i'm without a computer so i'm only on my cell phone now.
only android platform is having a problem?
I really want to play, very good server, but I don't have many friends because I don't speak English.
I would like to help and bring Brazilian friends to play zaros.
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