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Greetings from the tiny country called Singapore!


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Hello everyone,

I'm Sean from Singapore, 26 years old this year and I'm a Police officer. I have been playing Runescape on and off since I was about 10 however I never really got anywhere far in the game.

Hence, I decided to take shot at private servers (due to the less steep learning curve) and I settled down on Ikov a year back but subsequently took a break due to work. After I went back, the server was pretty dead and all my friends were gone. I then browsed the forums and came across Zaros and decided to hop on over and take a look. I hope to have a good time here!

Do say hi to me if you see me in game, I usually get on at night between 8pm to 4am, GMT +8 and pardon me if I ask too many questions. (My knowledge of Runescape is at best 50% lol.) 


Hope to see everyone around and take care amidst this pandemic!

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