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The Vampyre Boss Vanstrom Klause : Kill Guide


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support.pngNote: Imbued Heart is not needed, but it does help with tanking some of the magic damage.



 support.pngNote: You do not need to be on task to kill Vanstrom Klause, although having a vampyre task with slayer helm on will decrease your kill time and improve your damage output.

support.pngNote: You do need Ivandis Flail or Blisterwood Flail in order to deal damage to Vanstrom Klause.

Ivandis flail.png Blisterwood flail.png Both weapons can be purchased from the Slayer Reward Shop.

Substitutions for gear (Best to worst):

         Helm: Slayer helmet.png -> Neitiznot faceguard.png -> Serpentine helm.png -> Helm of neitiznot.png

          Top:  Armadyl chestplate.png-> Karil's leathertop.png -> Saradomin d'hide body.png / Black d'hide body.png

     Bottoms: Bandos tassets.png -> Verac's plateskirt.png -> Obsidian platelegs.png 

   Rings: Berserker ring (i).png -> Brimstone ring.png -> Ring of suffering.png

Amulet: Amulet of torture.png -> Amulet of blood fury.png -> Amulet of fury.png

                            Boots: Primordial boots.png -> Dragon boots.png -> Guardian boots.png/ Bandos boots.png-> Climbing boots.png


How to get to him:


Through the Zaros teleporter which is accessible in your spell-book tab, click on bossing -> scroll down to Vanstrom Klause.



Talk to him and click "Yes, I'll fight him" to begin the fight.


You will enter the arena blocked by a red portal wall and the fight will begin.

Pray Magic & Piety

support.pngNote: Vanstrom Klause has two phases.


Special Moves:


He will summon an acidic bloodveld which will chase you around the room, you can kill it with range.


Failure to avoid the acidic bloodveld will lead you to be a dealt a nice explosive damage.


On the first phase, he will do this shadow barrage, doesn't hit for much.


After you've killed his first phase, he will transform into some sort of gas and move to the middle of the fight arena.


He will regenerate his health by 200 Hitpoints icon.png


During the second phase, he will release constant lightning bolts which first appear as shadows on the floor tiles, avoid the shadowed tiles to avoid massive damage.

support.pngNote: You will still take damage from nearby lightning bolts but the damage will be reduced significantly.


Vanstrom Klause Drop Table.


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