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Shoottheopps BETA application


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Discord username: ChiefkeefSosa#3972
Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing: I've been playing runescape/rsps for years. played BETA on other rsps's for bug testing purposes. I am familiar with it. I will actually report bugs and try to exploit things that I think are vulnerable. And report back systematicly. 
How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape: ALOT, I probably know 99.69% of the game, 13 years of runescape... Also know alot about skilling and questing. Last year i've been very active on deadmanmode. 
Runescape username & total level: Yoda Ninja 1700

How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros:  I think I have a good experience in bug testing. I used to work as an test engineer. I know how important it is to report back. I'll be documenting everything that I found. And will make sure I'll be testing atleast 4+ hours a day.
How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing: 4-6 hours /day. so +- 30 hours a week.

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