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GIM group bank presets


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Basicly when you use presets on GIM it takes the items only from your personal bank and not the shared group bank.

With that comes alot of issues because u have to take certain supplies and items directly to your bank and have to search them directly .

So what i am suggesting is that presets would take from your personal bank + the shared bank.

Discussed it in the cc before and heard that often people deposit items to shared bank and then have to search the individual items to take them out of the bank.

Feel free to add postives and negatives about this .( in my opinion it will make the presets alot more smoother and wont be so clunky to juggle between 2 banks )

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Withdrawing seems straight forward - take from the shared bank for the items unable to be found in your personal bank.

How would depositing work? Would all items just go into the shared bank? I can only see this being an issue if items were taken from your personal bank and end up going into the shared bank unwillingly on deposit. Also vice versa if items were withdrawn from the shared bank and end up in your personal and forgotten about.

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