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Zaros Update – Tempoross, Rocco’s Ruins, Herioc Statue, Revenant Caves, Raid Layout Tablet Changes


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Happy Friday, Zaros!
Today's update brings more community-focused content with the addition of Tempoross and two new diversions. We've also made some important changes to raid layout tablets, revenant caves, and the chambers of xeric so be sure to give these notes a full read through! As always, let us know what you think about this update and other content/changes you'd like to see in the future.
  • Tempoross (the fishing variant of the well known firemaking Wintertodt) has been added! Players can find their way to the Ruins of Unkah either by teleport or by visiting the ferry against the south-west river of al-kharid. The only requirement to participate in the minigame is level 35 fishing. To join a lobby, step onto the nearby boat at the docks.
  • Objective:
    • Collect raw harpoonfish from nearby fishing spots. Place fish into cannons on the ships to fire at Tempoross and deplete his energy. Fish can optionally be cooked first to deal 50% extra damage on each hit. Once Tempoross looses his energy, he will be vulnerable for a short time, allowing you to fish directly from the pools near him, dealing hitpoints damage.
    • Throughout the game, storm intensity will increase granting Tempoross the ability to use various attacks. If storm intensity reaches 100%, the game automatically ends. Storm intensity resets when tempoross looses his energy.
      • Wave attack - A huge wave covers the entire cove, pushing players a few tiles away. Players can avoid being swept away by using rope to tether themselves to masts or totem poles found on the ships and islands respectively. Tethered players will be unaffected by the wave attack but will be unable to move for the duration of the wave (though players can freely tether/untether themselves). The wave can also break masts and totem poles, which will need to be repaired with a hammer before they can be used to tether again. The wave will also extinguish any fires started by the lighting attack.
      • Lightning attack - Large grey clouds move over the island and ships, expand, and then emit lightning bolts. Players can put out the fires with buckets of water, but if not done quickly, fires will spread to more tiles.
      • Torrent attack -  A swirling pillar of water is launched towards a cannon, which temporarily disables it and stuns any player currently loading the cannon. This can be avoided by quickly stepping away or switching to another cannon onboard.
  • Rewards:
    • Earn reward permits at the end of each Tempoross game. Players will receive one reward permit for the first 2,000 points and additional permits for every 700 points beyond 2,000.
    • Players can fish at the reward pool in the lobby. Each reward permit grants one roll on the loot table.
      • Tome of water / soaked pages - water variant of the tome of fire, granting unlimited water runes and boosted effects for water spells.
      • Tackle box - ability to store various fishing related gear and tools.
      • Fish barrel - ability to store up to 28 raw fish.  Ability to auto-store raw fish when fishing.
      • Big harpoonfish - stuff at a taxidermist and hang on your POH wall!
      • Spirit flakes - can be taken to Gita Prymes in the Ruins of Unkah to upgrade pieces of the Angler outfit or be used on a pet heron to unlock the great blue variant. When in inventory, provides a 50% chance of catching an extra fish for no additional XP. You lose a flake per every fish caught regardless if you get a single or double catch.
      • Casket - various alchables and jewellery.
      • Raw fish - scales depending on your fishing level with higher levels granting better fish.
    • Retired Sailor - located near the fishing shop at Ruins of Unkah. He will exchange your fish barrel, tackle box, tome of water, or big harpoonfish into 25 soaked pages each.
  • Further in-depth information of the mechanics can be found on the OSRS Wiki.
  • Added login messages in the chatbox for diversions that are active.
  • Shooting Stars:
    • Modified (increased) the amount of experienced gained from each tier (as per a recent OSRS update).
    • Fixed an issue where the star locator would teleport you into an area you can't get out of.
    • Added the following rewards:
      • Coin pouch (100k)
      • Runite ore
      • Adamantite ore
    • Added restrictions to the star locator for teleports into prifddinas and the myths' guild.
  • Heroic Statue (new):
    • New mini-diversion. Spawns in a random location every 5-10 hours for a maximum of 30 minutes.
    • Players that reach and use the statue will receive an option of two randomized game bonuses (with variation of bonus modifier and time). Additionally, you may choose to re-roll the two bonuses at a 1/4 rate (25%). Failing (rolling the other 75%) will result in you not being able to receive any bonus from this statue for the remainder of its duration.
    • When spawned, the statue will have a number on it depicting how many charges are left (i.e. how many players can use it until expiring). Be quick in choosing your bonus!
  • Rocco's Ruins (new):
    • Spawns every 4-8 hours in random open locations close to banks.
    • Features an ourania-like altar at the center surrounded by 8 pillars. Players can right-click "Setup" on the altar to select which runes they would like to receive (minimum of 2 selected runes and no maximum).
    • Pillars will degrade as the altar is used to craft runes. Overall stability (shown at the top left of your screen when near the altar) impacts a few mechanics:
      • The accuracy of runes crafted. The lesser the stability, the more randomized runes you'll receive versus the ones you selected.
      • The amount of runes crafted per essence.
        • 1 rune per essence from 0-59 stability
        • 2 runes per essence from 60-79 stability
        • 3 runes per essence from 80-100 stability
    • Pillars can be repaired with a hammer and any 5 nails. The higher quality nails, the faster you'll repair and the more experience you'll receive.
    • The altar has a 200% experience boost versus the 170% at the regular ourania altar. This experience boost is not effected by stability.
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Nerfed the required amount of kindling for ice demon. Kindling will still scale depending on how many players are in the raid.
    • Lizardman shamans and skeletal mystics will now count towards slayer tasks.
    • Fixed a visual issue with the collection log displaying incorrect killcount.
    • Added enraged tektiny and flying vespina to the metamorph options of Olmlet.
    • Raids layout tablet changes:
      • Players using tablets will now be prompted with four layout options (and what bosses/puzzles occur in order) prior to entering a raid.
      • The options consist of:
        • One normal layout
        • Two speed-run layouts
        • One layout for high yield points (long raid)
      • You can additionally choose to re-roll the three layouts shown for the price of an additional tablet.
      • The cost of tablets has been reduced to 5 voting tokens.
    • Full layouts will be shown in the chatbox upon entering a raid. This should also greatly help mobile players.
    • You can now use ancient ice spells to douse a fire at olm
    • Ultimate ironmen can now deposit items into the shared storage, but not take any out.
    • Vasa crystals no longer have a 50% health and defence buff in challenge mode.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • All stats will now be fully restored upon leaving.
    • Dragon warhammer can no longer be used on Verzik Vitur.
  • Gauntlet:
    • Run energy is now fully restored upon entering.
  • Nightmare:
    • Drop rates of gear and orbs buffed by approximately 20% to line up with CoX and TOB rates.
    • Will now properly count towards boss slayer tasks.
  • Sarachnis:
    • Drop table was re-written to have item weights closer to those found on oldschool.
    • Added the jar of eyes.
  • Fragment of Seren:
    • Any remaining whirlwinds will now be destroyed prior to seren performing her final special attack.
  • Giant Mole:
    • Baby mole-rat pet variant added. You can metamorph your baby mole using a mole claw and mole skin.
  • Basilisk Knights:
    • No longer have a special attack. The superior variant will still have this attack.
  • Revenant Caves:
    • NPC spawns have been updated so that all non-revanant monsters have been removed and revenants are more spread out through the cave.
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in the drop rates for revenant weapons (and amulet) being rarer than intended. This change does not change the rates depicted on the drop table viewer but rather the rates calculated on server-side.
    • Added the missing third entrance (level 28 wilderness).
    • For the moment, we're holding off on adding singles+ and 100k entrance fee to the cave. Let us know your opinions on this below!
  • Enchanted Valley:
    • Corrected NPC spawns
    • Tree Spirits will now spawn when a player attempts to cut down a tree. Their combat level is dependent upon your own combat level.
  • Vorkath:
    • You can now use a Vorkath's Head on your vorki pet to unlock the metamorph option, turning your pet into a zombi (zombified spawn).
  • Agility:
    • Added the level 14 burthorpe wall shortcut.
  • Construction:
    • You can now build a S.t.a.s.h chart in the study of your POH with 1 bolt of cloth and 1 s.t.a.s.h blueprint (obtained from Dr. Clue in edgeville).
  • Fishing:
    • Double fish received in the wilderness or through effects of spirit flakes will now properly count towards achievements.
    • Reduced the interval at which you roll to catch a fish (from 5 ticks down to 4 ticks). This effectively increases catch rates by 20%. Some fish (like barbarian) still remain at 5 ticks.
    • Added Rada's Blessing 4 effect for 8% double fish while equipped.
  • Hunter:
    • Added Elnock at puro puro
      • Offers a tool storage for hunter related items
      • Item exchange service for various impling types:
        • Jar generator - ability to generate 33 impling jars or 100 butterfly jars before breaking. Charges can be replenished by "buying another" from elnock. Can only have one at a time.
        • Magic butterfly net
    • Birdhouses will now only require five high-tier herblore seeds instead of 10.
  • Magic:
    • The "charge" spell will now properly work with imbued, max, and completionist variants of god capes.
    • The "stat boost" spell will no longer work with potions such as restores, brews, combat, guthix, divine, stamina, and energy.
    • Added quick right-click options to the "spellbook swap" spell.
    • The reanimation spell will no longer remove runes if it's unable to be cast in a certain area.
    • Enabling/disabling spellbook filtering now works properly in resizable - classic layout
  • Runecrafting:
    • The ourania/zmi altar now scales runes more evenly based on your runecrafting level.
    • Daeyalt essence can now properly be used in crafting combination runes.
  • Slayer:
    • Kurasks in iorwerth dungeon will now drop crystal shards.
    • Pirates in deep wilderness and level 84 moss giants will now correctly count towards slayer tasks.
    • Slayer ring:
      • Added the lizardman temple to lizardman teleports
      • Fixed location for the corporeal beast teleport
  • You can now properly consume frogburgers.
  • Added dark flippers.
  • Zuriel's staff effect with blood spells has been corrected, effectively reducing the amount of healing you receive.
  • Zulrah helmets will now properly separate on PvP death.
  • Fixed not being able to add or remove pages from the tome of fire.
  • Fixed the sidebar interface that appears when using easter ring, nature ring, and ring of coins.
  • Blue dhide body (g) and (t) will now properly require 40 defence and 50 ranged instead of 50 defence and 40 ranged.
  • Added sound effects for the VLS special attack.
  • Scroll sack (o) now has the "Fill" option prioritized above "Wear" in the inventory.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Added access to the Isle of Souls
    • Players can use the island for mining, fishing, and woodcutting.
    • Nearby dungeon on the east side of the island with a variety of slayer npcs.
    • New thieving chests (dark chest).
  • You will no longer receive damage from mount karuulm while in the forsaken tower basement.
  • Added mos le harmless city teleport.
  • Patchy on mos le harmless can now sew a variety of items for you.
  • Thormac in Seers' village can now enchant battle-staves.
  • Mixing pieces of the regular and golden prospector outfit can now properly complete the achievement for wearing a full set.
  • You can now properly use ecumenical keys on god wars boss chamber doors.
  • The ancient casket can now be properly picked up with telekinetic grab, alerting players like normal.
  • Mahogany homes rewards will now properly show up in your collection log.
  • The keldagrim stonemason now sells proper versions of the gold leaf and magic stone.
  • Fixed a visual issue with female foot models.
Post-update changes:
  • Bounty hunter has been re-enabled however the teleport spell will remain disabled until further notice.
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Love The update. A lot of great additions. Would love to see the Scroll Sack updated a little more, adding the number of each type of clue you have as well as a total number of clues in storage. Otherwise, great shit! Keep up the good work.

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