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Zaros Update – Pyramid Plunder, Diversion Adjustments, Discord Integration, Voting Changes


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Hello Zaros! This week's update contains Pyramid Plunder, diversion adjustments, discord integration, and a variety of voting changes. Please be sure to read up on the patch notes below and let us know what you think. Have a great weekend!
Pyramid Plunder:
  • Thieving minigame in Sophanem (available under the minigames category of the teleporter).
  • Minimum level of 21 thieving required to start.
  • You have five minutes to loot as much treasure from the pyramid as you can. Inside, you will find a room that contains a spear trap, urns, a golden chest, a sarcophagus, and doors out and to the next level. There are eight rooms in total. The first room requires 21+ thieving-- the requirement increasing 10 levels per room. The last room has a 91+ Thieving level requirement.
    • Spear wall: In each room, there are spears embedded into the walls. They must be disabled by clicking on them, in which your character will attempt to disable them. Occasionally, they may fail and be dealt 1-4 damage.
    • Urns: Players can loot treasure from the urns and gain Thieving experience from them. There are two ways to deal with the urns; brute force your way through the urn for maximum experience, or search to pop open a snake for a third of simply searching it. Occasionally with either option, you may fail and be bit for 1-4 damage and can get poisoned for 2 damage. Urns give pottery, ivory, stone or gold artefacts depending on the room you are on.
    • Golden chest: In the middle of each room is a large golden chest, which can be looted for stone or gold artefacts. The player may rarely find a Pharaoh's sceptre inside one. Occasionally, the player may set off a trap and a level 98 Scarab swarm will appear in addition to taking 1-4 damage. The swarm only has 25 Hitpoints and only have a max hit of 1 damage. However, they have an attack rating of 9 (0.6 seconds per attack), and can poison the player.
    • Sarcophagus: In each room is a sarcophagus. They have the same rewards as a golden chest, apart from the fact that lower value artefacts can be found in them. Unlike the other lootable items in the rooms, opening a sarcophagus gives Strength experience. Occasionally, a level 84 mummy will pop out and attack the player. Looting will be interrupted by combat and toggling prayers. The player may also rarely find a Pharaoh's sceptre inside one. The chance of opening a sarcophagus is affected by the player's current strength level.
    • Doors: In each room are two exit doors to leave the pyramid and four "trick" doors. Three of these doors are fake, leading nowhere, while the fourth one will lead to the next room. Players can fail in opening the doors, although no consequences will occur if they fail. Having a lockpick will increase your chances of opening the doors. Note that the correct door in each room is the same for all players in that room, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on other players locating the door that leads on to the next room. This will save valuable seconds.
  • Loot & Rewards:
    • Pharaoah's sceptre - rare from golden chests and sarcophagus. If you get this during your looting trip, the Guardian mummy will instantly end your attempt and make you leave the pyramid.
    • Artefacts - common from looting throughout the pyramid. Can be sold to Simon Templeton near the agility pyramid in exchange for coins. If enabled (under "features"), the ring of wealth will automatically convert these artefacts into coins upon looting them.
    • Guardian Mummy Pet - Available at a 1/1k base rate after leaving the eighth room of the pyramid (when completion count is announced in the chatbox).
Voting Changes:
  • The following items have had price changes in the store:
    • Fighter Torso | 50 -> 15
    • Dragon Defender | 25 -> 10
    • Rune Defender | 5 -> 2
    • Fire Cape | 25 -> 15
    • Instance Tokens (pack of 10) | 35 -> 30
    • Bonus Scroll (Pet) | 20 -> 10
    • Bonus Scroll (Clue) | 15 -> 10
    • Bonus Scroll (Raids) | 10 -> 5
    • Bonus Scroll (TOB)* | 10 -> 5
    • Bonus Scroll (Slayer) | 15 -> 10
    • Bonus Scroll (Nightmare)* | 10 -> 5
    • Bolt pouch | 10 -> 5
    • Ring of nature | 40 -> 20
    • Ring of coins | 80 -> 50
    • Pet bat, badger, and monkey | 50 -> 15
    • Dragonhide pouch | 35 -> 30
  • *TOB and Nightmare bonus scrolls are no longer time based and will now be active until you have completed a certain amount of kills/completions of the activity.
    • TOB - 3 completions
    • Nightmare - 10 kills
  • Every 50 votes claimed, the following bonuses will automatically activate for one hour:
    • Bonus Experience - 1.25x
    • Bonus CoX Points - 15%
    • Bonus TOB Rates - 5%
  • Heroic Statue:
    • You will no longer receive duplicate bonus options. Instead, the first bonus will be chosen from combat-only pool and the second bonus will be from skilling-only pool.
    • Both combat and skilling bonus pools have access to the rare bonus pool which has bonus xp, bonus pet rates, and bonus drop rates.
  • Rocco's Ruins:
    • Visual modifiers have been added to the HUD revealing:
      • How much stability is needed for 2x and 3x rune multiplication
      • The current experience modifier
    • Changes to repairing pillars:
      • Pillars only require one nail per repair now. As a result, bronze through Mithril nails have been slightly reduced in how much they heal.
      • Repairing pillars is now more fluid, allowing the player to promptly leave after starting the action.
      • You can now repair pillars with a dragon warhammer.
    • Fixed an issue of not receiving runes when rocco decides to leave while you're crafting.
    • The 200% experience boost will now scale based on the altar's current stability, ranging from 100% at 10% stability and reaching 200% at 90% stability.
    • For three full minutes (randomly chosen from the 30 minutes) out of each period rocco's ruins appears, he will use his energy to keep altar stability at a full 100%. The HUD will appear golden and rocco will occasionally shout how much time is remaining.
    • There's now a helpful stonemason that wanders around randomly fixing pillars at a slow rate.
    • You can now roll for the baba yaga pet (at a very low rate) when repairing pillars.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Verzik Vitur:
      • P3 - Green bombs will no longer target spectators
      • P2 - Corrected blood attack impact delay
      • P2 - Wearing insulated boots will now halve the damage received from verzik's electricity attack.
    • Nylocas Vasilias:
      • Big crabs will no longer spawn 2 small crabs if auto-exploding after the set timeout.
  • Tempoross:
    • You can now insure tiny tempor.
  • Nightmare:
    • Players will no longer receive two drop announcements for the jar of dreams
  • Galvek:
    • Top 3 damagers will now roll to receive Galvek Jr (pet) at a 1/1,000 base rate.
  • Construction:
    • Baba yaga (construction pet) will now be rolled when repairing and building furniture in mahogany homes.
  • Hunter:
    • Fixed an issue where box traps would be permanently placed in the world
  • Slayer:
    • Upon receiving a boss slayer task, you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to kill. If you exit or move away from the prompt, the slayer master will automatically select an amount for you.
  • The slayer ring will no longer instantly teleport you to a location if it's the only option (such as certain ones in the wilderness).
  • Fixed an issue where using bandos boots on another pair of bandos boots result in one being lost.
  • The ring of wealth will now automatically pick up marks of grace if you toggle the pickup ability.
  • You can now trade dragonfruit and dragonfruit pies.
  • Fixed issues with coal bag options on the banking interface.
Discord Changes:
  • You can now integrate your discord account through the profile section of the website. This will synchronize your donator rank.
  • Rare drops received in game will now be broadcasted to the #broadcast-pvm channel.
  • PvP related announcements will now be broadcasted tot he #broadcast-pvp channel.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Cooldown has been removed for display-name changes
  • Added ::bonuses command to view all active global and personal game bonuses rather than needing to logout. In the future, we'll be adding a sidebar interface to make it easier to see upcoming bonuses and diversions.
  • You will now be notified in the chatbox when one of your personal game bonuses expires.
  • Bounty hunter has been re-enabled, however the teleport to target spell remains disabled.
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