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Hello Zaros Community

The Old Nite

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Hey Zaros,

I figured I should introduce myself as I will be making an appearance on the server and hopefully be able to commit a decent amount of time to grinding away and having fun with everyone else (well, as much time as you can while having a full-time office job and a fiancée to entertain). Any who, let's get into the introduction.

So for those who do not know me, I have gone under the aliases of The Old Nite, Absol, Skillingm8, and a few others in Hope/Splinter's other past projects. I'm a 23 (almost 24) year old that has been playing RuneScape Private Servers since the early 2010 era and have been "truly" actively involved (making large time commitments to progress within rs remakes) since 2015. Since my time within the scene, I have always enjoyed being involved with the community through in-game chat and the forums. I took a special interest within creating video content for the servers I've been apart of to archive the progress I've made throughout the years on different servers, along with attempting to entertain the community. Speaking of the 2010 era, here is one of my first YouTube videos versus my most recent series I had on Hope's past project here. As far as what to expect from me on Zaros, I will have my main that I may train lightly but I will be more than likely creating another iron man account and doing a similar series to the one previously listed, as I really enjoyed the challenge and support.

Without getting too personal, that's a light deep-dive on who I am and where I come from. I look forward to playing with all you in the coming months.

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I've seen that name before, but I've never played or heard of Atlas before coming to these forums, so I think I might have seen you on another RSPS. Anyway, welcome to the server and looking forward to seeing some quality content!


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