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Boosts for weekends 2.0

dub dub

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The droprate boosts during weekend server events deserve a serious buff.

A 10-20% boost for a few hours has little to no impact on the items that will come into the game during that event. 

There are ironman going for nightmare items and it takes almost as long as it does on osrs to get the drops.

When there’s a 20% cox boost active there is almost zero extra incentive to start raiding as the voting bonus gives almost as much(15%).

The buffs are shortlived, rotate every weekend and should be buffed considerably. A 100% droprate increase at nightmare for a few hours would actually be an event worth doing - last 3-4 nightmare events there were ZERO drops.

Cox should at least be 50%, or remove the lowest 3-4 items in value from the drop table for a few hours.

There should also be a drop rate boost for corp when masses happen to make it more enjoyable for the players.

It does not have to be every weekend, but seeing an announced ‘20% cox boost is now active’ after a whole week of nothing is just..*

-concerned Dub

*Mostly copied from Troep's post with a few updates

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In my mind tob doesnt need to pretty much ever be boosted since its a 1/5 deathless (this is my very personal opinion). For chambers you get 1% chance per 4770 (already almost 50% boost from 07). If you send solo speed raids u get what, approx 40k points, making it a 8% purple chance. With boost this would be a 10% purple chance. Imo the boosts are meant to be a bonus incentive, not the only reason to do it. I would be fine with having a 20-25% cox boost for few hours. 


The suggested nightmare boost is insane to me as at the end of they day it all comes down to rng, the way nightmare drops items also doesnt rlly benefit masses that much, except for faster kills. If everyone went tl solo it I'd guarantee you'd see more uniques. I will admit I'm not familiar with nightmare either here lr osrs and this was all based in my limited knowledge.

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