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Enabling HD via Runelite


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This guide is meant to help those of you who do not know how to enable HD graphics via the Runelite Hub.

Step 1: Click on the Wrench at the top right of your game client for all Runelite options.



Step 2: After clicking the Runelite Wrench you should see all Runelite options....at the bottom of the screen it should say Plugin Hub.



Step 3: After clicking on Plugin Hub, you should see at the very top as an option display.." 117 HD (beta) click install and it will be placed into a short installation process and then will populate on your Runelite plugin.




Step 4: Ensure that the plugin is activated on your Runelite screen and enjoy the graphics boost!



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On 9/18/2021 at 9:46 AM, Jago said:

Troubleshooting method (WINDOWS 10) that worked for me if the following problems occur:

Turning plugin on freezes and turns off. (GIF)

Download the corresponding .exe launcher from: https://zaros.io/download 

Launcher download for windows

I'm using 64bit machine.

As a result, this is the outcome. (GIF)

I download the Mac version but its a .dmg file and will not open.

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