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Its spelled like Jesus


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Hello Zaros community!

Ive joined Zaros when it first launched back in the day. Never had that much time to play so ive been grinding reaaally slowly. Now i have one account (disco) 3 99's away from maxed and an alt (Gsus). Actually at first disco was meant to be an alternative account but now i feel like its the main.

So yeah, been playing very rarely, but now i feel like ive been activated a little more, and wanted to say hello also here in forums. Id like to learn more about PvM, and am looking for people who would like to maybe do that with me and teach me a little. Ive been grinding slayer bosses but would really like to learn about raids also, if i ever have time for that. Ive been playing osrs since i was a young boy, but that has also been very casual. Luckily there is private servers like Zaros that doesnt consume as much time as real rs. That is why ive been a big fan of private servers since Moparscape. So yea if you feel like you wanna do some PvM with me, or just come talk to me in game, you can add my accounts and just come and say hi. Ill keep my chat public ?


Cheers, Gsus

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