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Zaros Update – Achievement Changes, New Gambling Area


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  • Developer
Hi everyone! Today's update focuses on a variety of QOL improvements, achievement changes, and a new gambling area. Please take some time to read over the changes below and tell us what you think.
Gambling Zone:
  • A new gambling area has been implemented! Players can get there by using the ::gamble command or finding the entry through the teleporter.
  • Features:
    • Automatic Flower Poker:
      • Scam-free system; place your bets initially and let the server manage the match and distribute winnings.
      • Each player is still required to have 5 mithril seeds per match to participate.
      • Black/white flowers are considered an automatic tie and players will re-roll.
      • Players are still welcome to opt-out of this system and continue to manually plant flowers in the open spaces of the new area.
    • Pet Races:
      • 2-3 participants per match.
      • Each player bets coins on a pet of their choice. All players must ready-up and agree to the bets placed by other players before continuing to the start of the match.
      • Pets race to the finish line and the winner receives a payout of the total coins bet prior to the match (their money back PLUS bets of the other two players).
    • Gambling History:
      • Can't remember what the results of your last match were? Want to see recent game results? Visit the blackboard towards the east wall!
  • We've taken the time to go through most of our current achievements and modify or remove ones that were annoying, confusing, or too reliant on RNG. Below are lists of achievements that were added, changed, and removed.
  • New Achievements:
    • Visit Death's Domain (south of Edgeville bank) - EASY
    • Build and light all 6 fire pits (new content) - HARD
    • Defeat Vanstrom Klause without taking damage from special attacks - ELITE
    • Successfully complete 5 Gauntlet runs (corrupted) - ELITE
  • Changed Achievements:
    • Successfully complete three Gauntlet runs (any difficulty)
      • Changed to "Successfully complete a Gauntlet run (normal)"
      • Now a Hard task
    • Check the health of 10 Mahogany or Teak trees
      • Requirement reduced from 10 to 6 (can now be completed in 2 full farming cycles)
    • Use the Fountain of Rune to recharge a piece of jewellery
      • Hardcore Ironmen are now required to complete this
    • Complete the Mage Arena 2 mini-quest
      • Hardcore Ironmen are now required to complete this
    • Deal at least 100 damage with the Dragon warhammer against the Corporeal Beast
      • Changed to "Use the special attack of a Dragon Warhammer". Players who have completed the previous one already will still have this completed. This achievement was changed so that regular players would not be forced to obtain the DWH as a drop and could buy it instead.
      • Now an ELITE achievement (since ironmen are still required to obtain the DWH as a drop).
  • Removed Achievements:
    • Use the special attack of a Crystal or Dragon Halberd
    • Use the special attack of a Toxic Blowpipe
    • Take damage from a Rune Dragon's electricity attack
    • Use the Dragon Forge to make either a Dragon platebody or kiteshield
    • Get splattered by mud from the Giant Mole 5 times
    • Discover a mega-rare item from a Clue Scroll
    • Obtain an uncut onyx drop
    • Obtain a pile of chewed bones as a drop
    • Gain 20 Varrock Museum kudos
    • Craft an Odium or Malediction Ward
    • Craft any pair of Cerberus Boots
    • Clean 25 fossils on Fossil Island
    • Take over 45 damage in a single hit from a Skeletal Wyvern
    • Have Ilfeen enchant a crystal weapon seed for you
  • Chambers of Xeric:
    • Blood barrage will now heal you correctly when targeting jewelled crabs.
  • Theatre of Blood:
    • Verzik:
      • P3 - You can now tile skip webs on the ground.
      • P3 - Web damage is now scaled by the amount of health remaining when removed.
    • Xarpus:
      • The poison attack will now properly target players in team order.
      • The second bounce location of the poison attack is now calculated when initially being fired from xarpus.
    • Nylocas Vasilias:
      • Blood barrage will now heal you correctly when targeting melee or ranged nylocas.
    • Pestilent Bloat:
      • Is now immune to freezes.
    • Sotetseg:
      • Players can now tick-eat the sotetseg bomb.
  • Gauntlet:
    • Doubled the amount of crystal shards received on both normal and corrupted drop tables.
    • You can now crush weapon pieces (orb, bowstring, and spike) into 80 crystal shards using a pestle and mortar.
    • Tertiary drops will now be rolled indepdently of each other, allowing players to receive any, none, or all three uniques in one chest opening.
  • Duel Arena:
    • You can now create fights using fun weapons.
  • Alchemical Hydra:
    • Fixed acid pools checking for splash damage while sitting on ground. Note: there is still a 3x3 splash AOE on initial touchdown.
  • Corporeal Beast:
    • The way instances work for this boss has changed.
    • Players may now use the "Private Portal" at Corporeal beast to create an instance using 1 x Instance Token. This instance will:
      • Last for 60 minutes
      • Expire after 5 minutes of inactivity (no players inside)
      • Expire on logout
    • You can also use the private portal to join a friend that has created a Corporeal beast instance. This will also cost 1 x Instance Token, however this is a one time fee (per instance), allowing you to leave and join as many times as you wish until the instance closes.
      • The player you join must have you added as a friend in order to join
    • While inside of the instance, you will be messaged every five minutes indicating how much time remains. The owner will be notified in the chatbox if the instance is expiring or close to expiring. When the instance expires, players will NOT be kicked out, but will not be able to join back into the instance after leaving.
    • Deaths inside the instance will result in a gravestone appearing at the lobby of the public Corporeal beast instance.
  • Kraken:
    • You can now use fishing explosives to wake the kraken/enormous tentacles.
  • Kril Tsutsaroth:
    • Fixed the frequency of his melee special attack. This will now only activate approximately every 9 melee cycles.
  • Nightmare:
    • Fixed issues after death where the nightmare would instantly attack you.
  • Vanstrom Klause:
    • Some adjustments to the fight have been made to make it more enjoyable:
      • You can now use any melee weapon (ivandis flail not required)
      • You can also use defence draining weapons such as DWH and BGS. Note: his defence will fully restore when entering into phase 2.
    • Base drop rate for ANY unique changed from 1/96 to 1/80.
    • New achievement (see above section on achievements)
  • Vorkath:
    • Now once again counts as a blue dragon.
  • Construction:
    • Added the salt mines in Weiss. Players may get there through the Zaros teleport interface.
    • You can now build the 6 types of fire pits using different types of mined salt:
      • Eternal Light - Acts as a permanent light source in the area
        • Lumbridge Swamps
        • Falador Mole Lair
        • Mos Le` Harmless Dungeon (cave horrors)
      • Nourishment - Allows use of the Weiss farming patch
        • Weiss
      • Unseasonal Warmth - Protects you from stat reducing effects of snow storms
        • Near the God Wars entrance
      • Dehumidification
        • Mort Myre Swamp
  • Farming:
    • You can now withdraw certain items as noted from the farming guild seed vault.
  • Runecrafting:
    • Skillcape effect message for 15% increase in experience is now filtered.
  • Slayer:
    • Fixed shadow wyrms (superior) despawning prematurely during combat.
  • Fixed issues where your wilderness level wouldn't properly be calculated in some areas of the wilderness (such as the new slayer cave).
  • PvP weapons may now be used in PvM throughout the wilderness.
  • Combination runes can now be purchased from the magic store at home.
  • Trident of the seas can now be properly traded after degrading through combat.
  • Ring of suffering (r) and (ri) now have proper death mechanics in PvP. The ring will shed itself of its imbued status and recoil charges before dropping to your killer.
  • You can now unstuff taxidermy heads.
  • Elite void knight robes will now be ticked off in your collection log when upgrading via the void knight. Existing players with elite void pieces will have them automatically ticked off upon logging in.
  • Added the Time Tracking (farming timers) plugin. Note: birdhouse timers have been removed for the time being.
  • Added the "Hiscore" plugin. Players can now search up other players through the search box or alternatively use the "Lookup" right-click option on another player. Boss killcounts and clue completions will not currently show and will be added in the near future.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Voting Changes:
    • Fixed an issue with the runelite experience bonus overlay not going away after a voting bonus ends.
    • Added "Bonus Scroll - Gauntlet" to the voting store for 5 tokens. This will boost rare drop rates from the gauntlet by 25% for 5 completions.
    • All bonus scrolls and bonus experience books are now stackable and you can redeem more than one at once through the dialogue.
    • If you currently have 100 or more of the 15 minute bonus experience books from voting (25 hours in total), you will no longer receive additional ones until you have used some (bringing your total back down below 100).
  • Party Room Changes:
    • When attempting to pop balloons at the same time as other players, PID will no longer matter. The server will now pick randomly between all players who attempted to pop the balloon on the same tick.
    • Certain drop parties (as enabled by administrators) can now be accessible to ironmen. A message stating if ironmen can participate or not will be shown in the countdown broadcast prior to each drop party. If ironmen are allowed to participate, the chest contents will be strictly cosmetic or non game breaking to the ironman modes.
  • Pet drops are now broadcasted on discord.
  • You can now toggle whether or not drop tables appear when right-click examining an NPC. This can be found in all settings under gameplay.
  • Ironman Shop Changes:
    • Options "Shop-1" and "Shop-2" were removed from the Ironman Manager.
    • Items previously in the two shops have been spread into the melee, magic, and ranged stores in the general shop area. Ironmen using these stores will see different stock vs what regular players see.
    • Ironmen can now purchase infinite runes of any variety from the magic store.
What's to Come:
  • In early October once OSRS releases their Group Ironman Mode, we'll be looking into making a revision upgrade. This will allow us to add exciting new content such as the bow of faerdhinen, story/hard mode tob, new arceuus spells, and much more.
  • We're working on new interfaces which will allow players to view upcoming server bonuses/events and see more information about them such as where they might be located or how much time is remaining.
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I dont know how much power you dev's have over mobile, but if you could add an item overlay to the game settings (not just runelite) all of us mobile exclusive players would be very happy. Long tapping on every death pile gets old after 3 minutes. Great update though. Keep it up

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