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Prices to get items after dying


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On 10/7/2021 at 11:35 PM, Irwys said:

this is at your gravestone? or at death coffer. because at death coffer it cost a lot more

Yes my Gravestone

On 10/8/2021 at 1:07 AM, EdwardCullen said:

Could throw some offers in deaths domain to have it pull from that GP instead your cash stack. Imbued hearts are great for that. 

I don't have anything worth putting in deaths domain I'm iron with no spares 😛 maybe once I start getting spares that'd help but for now I'm pretty much fucked 😛


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Just dont die xD

On a real note tho I dont think this is that big of an issue since everything that doesnt already have item service (zulrah, vork etc) is fairly safe as long as u pay attention. The bossing/slayer should easily pay for the planks that do happen anyway. Imo the fees are fine since its easy to make money, but I do realize say 3m/death on a mid game iron can hurt.



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  • 3 months later...

as a player new to pvm playing ironman exclusivly i do feel like the prices are to high.

500k for dboots example 1 is ridiculous. 

as an ironman, you use cash for various things, and i'm not saying we should not have death costs but when apparently its millions with gwd armour, that will be a struggle to maintain with potionmaking/construction costs for mid and early players.



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