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Ensouled Heads Prayer Guide


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To begin using Ensouled heads you need to have the following requirements:

  • Whatever Ensouled head you have
  • 16 Magic for the Basic Reanimation Spell with 4 Body Runes & 2 Nature Runes per cast
  • 41 Magic for the Adept Reanimation Spell with 4 Body Runes, 3 Nature Runes & 1 Soul Runes per cast
  • 90 Magic for the Master Reanimation Spell with 2 Blood Runes, 4 Nature Runes & 4 Soul Runes per cast
  • Some decent gear I just bring melee gear (But keep in mind some monsters like aviansies still need to be killed with range and dragons will still need some form of dragon fire protection)

A list of Ensouled Heads you can get and which reanimation spell you need to use can be found here:



Lastly, the spellbook you need is the Arceuus spellbook which can be found by using the Skilling Teleport: Runecrafting Dark Altar and right clicking on Tyss and clicking spellbook. (This npc wonders around but tends to stick close to the altar shouldn't be too hard to find)

Finally, once you have your runes and your ensouled head you can now go ahead and reanimate it. Simply click the correct Reanimation spell and click on the ensouled head next t. Now if you get an error saying it has no room just move a few tiles away. Once you defeat the reanimated monster you will be given prayer xp! Ensouled dragon heads give the most xp.





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