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Slayer Caskets help extend slayer tasks

GIM Hopeless

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Hey everyone! I have a very basic and small QoL suggestion regarding slayer caskets.

I think it would be a small but beneficial addition if caskets dropped unnoted supplies, such as a few lobsters or maybe a prayer/restore pot every now and again.

Nothing game breaking, but would allow you to squeak in those extra few kills towards the end of a task. I often find myself doing something simple like gargoyles or abby demons, and after quite a few I wish that I had just one more pot or piece of food, but will have a stack of 10 slayer caskets that give things like key halves or sapphires. Of course, you could always bring supplies or just tele home and use the box, but I figured adding small items like these in would provide a nice little sustainability for irons and the like. 

Plus, if you do already have supplies, it would be another item worth keeping instead of just dropping it to the ground, helping you stay stocked up.


Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!

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