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"Short guide to (Anti)Dragonfire and you" or more commonly known as "Why the fudge is that iron dragon hitting me for 50s??"


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First of all, we need to clarify what Dragonfire/Dragonbreath even is:


Dragonfire is the is the fiery breath attack used by most dragons and hence the name.

In-game it's often visualized by the dragon taking in a deep breath and then shooting a fiery-looking projectile at you.

Without protection (we'll come to that in a moment!) you can get hit up to the 50's which is obviously, not ideal.



What types of dragonfire is there?:


Normal chromatic dragons (green, blue, red, and black) only use close-ranged dragonfire attacks, meaning that the dragons will only use it if the player is in melee distance from the dragon.

What this means is that if you fight them at range via a safespot, they won't be able to hit you back, allowing you to completely skip any form of protection and still be safe. That said, I'd still bring SOME kind of protection as you could easily mess up and if the dragon gets into melee distance of you, it will start to use it's dragonfire attack even if you are still attacking with ranged/magic.

Some dragons, like the King Black Dragon, brutal dragons (green, blue, red and black), and metal dragons, have long-ranged dragonfire and use it in both close or long-ranged combat situations which means that even if using a safespot, you'll need some form of antidragonfire.
Metal dragon dragonfire is unique for not being reduced by Protect from Magic which means you need other forms of protection in order to be completely protected.


Additionally, the King Black Dragon uses other kinds of dragonfire besides the standard one, each with different effects that include freezing, poison and stat-reducing.

Vorkath also posses different kinds of dragonfire, venomous, prayer-deactiving, freezing, rapid-fire plus a very slow but high damaging attack.

Last but not least, wyverns use a different type of dragonbreath that's ice-based instead which is even more dangerous as it can temporarily reduce your stats and freeze you in place.


So what types of protection is there?


Well, you're in luck! Here's a pretty picture showing all the different variants of protection and notes regarding them.




Ok so all this is cool and all that but all this text man, I don't wanna read all this, I just wanna watch a pretty picture with all their max hits and what to use so I can go slay dragons and plunder booty!



Make sure to check the spoiler above as there's some special edge cases, like for example when only using a antifire potion while fighting chromatic dragons there's a small rare chance they'll still horribly burn you, bypassing the protection given by the antifire potion.





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