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Zaros Deadman Mode Tournament [04.12.2021 - 5pm BST]


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Announcing the second ever Zaros Deadman mode tournament!

The tournament will begin on the 4th of December at 5pm BST.

Feel free to join our official DMM discord - All DMM related news and updates will be posted on there:


What is DMM?
Vanquish your foes and fight for survival in Zaros's most perilous game variant. The DMM tournament is dangerous, there's unique content changes, and nobody is safe! Begin your DMM journey as a fresh noob and, with accelerated XP rates and more item drops, create a monstrous account for PKing!

What are the prizes?

1st place - 1500m OSRS GP
2nd place - 750m OSRS GP
3rd place - 200m OSRS GP
4th place - 200m OSRS GP

Last man standing (Multi) - 350m OSRS GP

Upon winning a DMM tournament you will also get a permanent statue dedicated to you and your clan displayed in the DMM lobby. 

When does the tournament start?
The tournament will start on the 4th of December at 5pm BST and end on the 11th of December at 7pm BST.

Will my account have its donator status from the eco world?
No, accounts are completely separate other than login information. DMM accounts are completely wiped after every tournament, although we are considering allowing pets to carry over.

Will you sell anything on DMM?
Yes, we will have a separate store for Deadman mode however your tokens on the store will be available for use on either world.

Quick comment on something goes hand in hand with DMM, swapping. Swapping between Zaros eco server and DMM will be allowed but not regulated meaning it is at your own risk. Zaros staff members will not middleman these trades, assist in them or help if you were to be scammed although if we do see you purposely trying to scam then we are still inclined to punish.

If you're looking to join or create a clan then feel free to look around our recruitment board. https://forum.zaros.io/forum/92-clan-recruitment/


DMM Rules:


Zaros DMM will be driven by PKers and clanning thus little to no moderation will take place. Although the rules and environment will differ from the eco server we have a couple rules we will continue to enforce:

1. Real World Trading: Ban *Time varies*
Purchasing, selling goods, or services (accounts, real life items, RSGP, Microsoft points, riot points for Zaros items etc.) will not be tolerated and action will be taken.
Swapping between Zaros & Zaros DMM is allowed, however is done at your own risk.


2. Bug Abuse: Perm Ban/IP-Ban
Abuse of a bug or glitch that allows a player to somehow have an advantage over another or the server itself is not tolerated. We ask all members to report them as soon as they're found otherwise a permanent removal from the community will be issued.


3. Third Party Software/Botting: Jail/Ban
The use of third party software that allows a member to have an unfair advantage in any way will result in a punishment that the staff member attending sees fit.


4. Misleading Links, Hacking, Ddos/Dox: IP Ban
a. Misleading links are never allowed on the server, we expect links to open up to us what it was advertised for. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a permanent removal from the community. 
b. Hacking in any shape or form will result in a permanent removal from the community, simply put.
c. Sharing private and personal information anywhere on the server is a serious offense and will not be tolerated, resulting in punishment without warning.


Now onto some of the notable DMM features...

Most of the Zaros map is a dangerous area, where other players can attack and kill you.

  • There are several guarded areas which are protected by guards (level 1337).
  • Guards in these areas will attack dangerous skulled players until they're killed.

Protect yourself:
Other players will be out to get you, but it's not all bad. We give you these tools to protect yourself with:

  •  When you first login to a DMM world you'll have 30 minutes of protection time, during which you're not able to be attacked. During this time any XP gained will be double what it otherwise would be.
  • You can protect two Combat skills and three non-Combat skills. You won't lose any XP in protected skills if you die (unless you die in a guarded area with a PK skull - see the next section). You can do this by opening the items lost on death interface from the equipment tab.
  • You can insure your Hitpoints level by talking to Gelin in Lumbridge. Your Hitpoints level will never fall below the level of the respective insurance fee you've paid (level 25, level 50, or level 75).
  • You can find safe deposit boxes in banks with Financial Wizards. Within these boxes you can protect 10 items (individual items, not stacks of items). Items protected within this box will never be lost on death.

A death in DMM can be seriously punishing. You can lose items and you can even lose XP!

  • If you're killed by another player...
    • you'll lose the 10 most valuable stacks of items from your bank, along with all equipped items and items within your inventory. The player who killed you will gain access to these items in the form of a bank key.
    • whilst you have a PK skull, you'll lose XP. The exact amount is based on the combat level of the player that kills you.
    •  but if you don't have a PK skull, then you won't lose any XP.
  • If you're killed by an NPC...
    • while you have a PK skull, you'll lose the 10 most valuable stacks of items from your bank, along with all equipped items and items within your inventory.
    • while you have a PK skull, you'll lose up to 50% of XP in any unprotected skills.
    • but you don't have a PK skull, then it's just like any death in Zaros. You won't lose any XP, and the only items you'll keep are the three most valuable that are equipped or in your inventory.
    • If you're killed within a guarded area whilst you have a PK skull, you'll lose 10% of your XP in skills that you've protected.
    • Dying with, or dropping, a stack of Chinchompas will cause it to appear on the ground, visible to all players.

EXP Rates:
Gaining XP is greatly accelerated, and rates differ based on where you are in the game world.

  • You'll gain XP in safe areas at a rate of 40x.
  • You'll gain XP in dangerous areas at a rate of 50x.
  • Regaining XP that you lost by dying will be at a further-increased rate of 100x.

Killing other players:
Wreaking havoc by killing your fellow players is a great way to ensure a competitive advantage!

  • You'll get a special key when you kill another player. With this key you can raid the bank (specifically the 10 most valuable stacks of items) of the player you killed. You can do this by using the keys on special chests found within some banks.
  • You can carry up to five of these keys at any one time!
  • Carrying any of these keys will result in a special skull icon appearing above your character which indicates how many keys you have.
  • You'll get a PK skull when you attack any other player. It lasts for 15 minutes.
  • If you're already skulled and you attack another player, the timer will be extended by two minutes up to the regular 15 minute timer.
  • There is a skull penalty for all players attacking a skulled player. The skull penalty will last for five minutes. If you previously had a skull with less than five minutes remaining it will revert to five minutes. If you previously had a skull with longer than five minutes remaining it will remain unchanged.
  • There is a one minute grace period for reasonable kills. This is a temporary status of immunity from the attacks of other players. A reasonable kill can be defined as killing a player within 30 combat levels of yourself. If killing a combat level higher than yourself you will always receive this grace period of immunity (e.g. a level 90 killing a level 126 will receive the grace period). If you die or attack another player within this minute then you will lose the remaining grace period. The grace period will be lost upon logging out.

Deadman sigils:


Sigils are powerful buffs that are obtained through killing monsters or by trading with other players. There are 48 sigils available across all tiers.

Upon starting for the first time, players are presented with the following selection of Tier 2 sigils to choose from. The selection is the same for all players.


Some of the sigils are not available (Sigil of Freedom, Sigil of the Treasure Hunter, Sigil of the Fortunate Farmer, Sigil of Escaping, Sigil of Binding).

More infomation about the sigils: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deadman:_Reborn/Sigils

LOTS of loot:

  • All rare drops will be four times more common than usual.
  • Killing any NPC will give you a chance at landing on a special DMM loot table that contains PVP weapons, Deadman Sigils, Antique Emblems, highly sought-after supplies like potions, food, herblore supplies, and runes. The chance is determined by the combat level of the NPC. You can read more about the drop table here: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Deadman:_Reborn_drop_table
  • In Barrows there is also a chance to obtain potions and potion ingredients. For potions, there is a 1-in-2 chance of gaining a stack of 3 (4)-dose potions when you roll on the Barrows Armour table. You will receive either Saradomin Brews, Super Restores, Ranging Potions or Super Combat Potions. There is a small chance of obtaining potion ingredients on the normal Barrows table. Note: due to limitations of the Barrows interface, it's possible that any items gained may instead appear in your inventory or on the floor. It is possible to receive the following: Crushed Nests, Red Spiders' Eggs, Wine of Zamorak, Limpwurt Roots, White Berries or Grimy Torstol.
  • Dragons drop double the amount of bones.

Shady merchant

  • The Shady Merchant is an NPC that moves every hour into a randomly spawned location across Zaros.
  •  Find him to have a chance to buy valuable skilling supplies and a chance at "rare" items before others.
  •  The Merchant likes to roam around to quite the variety of places. Some include:

Possible locations with coordinates (x, y). You can locate the coordinates using this map: https://explv.github.io/

  1. Ardounge (2689, 3368) (2679, 3392)
  2. White Wolf mountain (2848, 3498) (2834, 3480)
  3. Tree Gnome Stronghold (2431, 3374) (2380, 3390)
  4. Yanille (2569, 3134) (2603, 3189)
  5. Castle wars (2410, 3053) (2383, 3043)
  6. Rellekka (2637, 3629) (2649, 3621)
  7. Monastery (3049, 3455) (3035, 3481)
  8. Falador (2986, 3303) (2959, 3299)
  9. Lumbridge swamp (3171, 3164) (3152, 3185)
  10. Desert (3219, 3061) (3254, 3032)
  11. Canifis (3423, 3504) (3457, 3516)
  12. Brimhaven (2744, 3169) (2726, 3183)
  13. Ferox Enclave (3094, 3642) (3075, 3617)
  14. Lava dragons (3225, 3894) (3249, 3860)
  15. Lava maze (3007, 3900) (3049, 3894)

Galvek is a world spawn boss that requires a team of players and some use of mechanics to avoid death while trying to secure a top spot.

  • The boss appears every 12 hours and will announce 5 minutes before it's arrival of where it will spawn.
  • The locations are always in the wilderness and multi-way combat zones.
  • Top damage dealers are rewarded for their participation in killing the boss.
  • Top 10 damagers will receive loot from the base table
  • Top 3 damagers will always roll the unique drop table, that consists of pvp weapons, ancestral robe pieces, dragon claws, dexterous and arcane prayer scrolls.
  • After the boss dies, random loot will spawn around the boss visible to everyone.



Deadman supply chests:
At 12am and 12pm UTC a supply chest will spawn in an announced location. To loot the chest, a player will need to remain uninterupted for 60 seconds. After opening the chest the player cannot use protect item or teleport for 5 minutes.

The chest rewards the opener with a guaranteed pvp weapon aswell as various supplies and alchables.






DMM hotspots:
There will be locations chosen at random to be a hotspot. During these times, players will receive a random boost for killing NPC's in the area. The bonuses that are possible are the following:

  • Double drops
  • 1.5x Bonus drop rate
  • Double emblem drop rate
  • 4x supply drops



Chambers of Xeric:

The Chambers of Xeric is a large cave system underneath Mount Quidamortem, built by Xeric in the Kebos Lowlands.

On deadman mode Chambers of Xeric consist of only 1 floor level and the final boss Olm.

Bounty hunter shop:
Antique emblems will be dropped by NPC's and players to use at this shop to buy various items and supplies.

Antique emblems can be dropped by NPCs. The tier of the emblem depends on the NPCs combat level (0-29 - Tier 1, 30-59: Tier 2, 60-79: Tier 3, 80-99: Tier 4, 100-149: Tier 5, 150-199: Tier 6, 200-249: Tier 7, 250-299: Tier 8, 300-349: Tier 9, 350+: Tier 10)

Tier 1 emblems can be dropped by NPCs killed for Wilderness Slayer tasks.




Along with the normal quest rewards, they will also give 15 minute double experience and 10k gp.

Restricted Content:

  • Corporeal beast will not drop the Elysian sigil
  • Zulrah IS AVAILABLE but venom does not work in PVP combat

Time locked content:

This means barrows armour, ancient and lunar magicks can be obtained on day 1.

Locked content:

  • Ancient magicks require the following skills to unlock them
    • 53 Thieving
    • 50 Magic
    • 50 Firemaking
    • 10 Slayer
  • Lunar magicks require the following skills to unlock them
    • 5 Herblore
    • 61 Crafting
    • 40 Defence
    • 49 Firemaking
    • 65 Magic
    • 60 MIning
    • 55 Woodcutting
  • Piety and Chivalry can be unlocked by completing the Knight Waves Training Grounds, the requirements to enter those are:
    • 45 Magic
    • 65 Defence
    • Completion of the following quests:
      • Black knights fortress
      • Merlin's crystal
      • Rune mysteries
      • Druidic ritual
      • Jungle potion
  • Monkey Madness 2 tunnels require the following skill levels to enter:
    • 69 Slayer
    • 70 Crafting
    • 60 Hunter
    • 55 Agility
    • 55 Thieving
    • 60 Firemaking
  • Myths' Guild and the Lithkren Vault require 50 Vorkath KC and a 1 time payment of 350k GP to enter.
  • Mos Le'Harmless Cave requires Cabin Fever Quest skill requirements to enter. These are:
    • 42 Agility
    • 45 Crafting
    • 50 Smithing
    • 40 Ranged
    • 50 Fishing
    • 40 Farming
    • 47 Prayer
    • 42 Slayer
  • Prifddinas:
    • 70 Construction
    • 70 Farming
    • 70 Herblore
    • 70 Hunter
    • 70 Mining
    • 70 Smithing
    • 70 Woodcutting




Permadeath stage/Final area:

The Permadeath stage will begin on the 7th day of the tournament. If you die after this time you won't be able to log in again. Dangerous fog will begin to envelop the world, and players will be forced to an area where they will fight for survival.

The last 128 (subject to change) players from the final area will be teleported to an arena system on death and the last surviving player will be the Last man standing winner. Within this arena system the players will be paired with other players to fight against in a series of 1v1 fights until just one single player remains to be crowned champion.




Zaros Administration 

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