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Sun’s goals & achievements #1


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Hello & welcome!

My name is tim, and I play under the names Sun & Moon.

This post will feature my goals & achievements.


I always had fun in achieving things. Quests, skills, 200m etc. I play osrs a lot, and in the meanwhile I play zaros.

So this post will be number 1, which will be the beginning.

current goals:



-dairy cape

-vote pets

-skilling pets

in the future I will probably add some more goals & better posts.

for now this it. I’ll hope to make some friends and gains ingame! Interested in the achievements? Leave a comment below!


happy scaping 🥳

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31 minutes ago, Chew on Iron said:

Seen you hanging around in StandAlone.

Welcome 🙂

If you need anything let me know!

- Chew

Thank you! Yes I remembered it from atlas server 😇 and normally I play as an uim. And yes I will!

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