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Zaros Update – TOB Story Mode, Amethyst Darts, Drop Rate Buffs, Wandering Trader


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Happy Friday! Today's update introduces Theatre of Blood story mode, amethyst darts, drop rate buffs, and the wandering trader. Below are update notes for all changes, please give them a read and let us know what you think in the comments below.
Drop Rate Changes:
  • All game modes have received a buff in drop rate by 10%, which will yield the following:
    • Regular, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Group Ironman, Hardcore Group Ironman
      • 70% -> 60% of OSRS
    • Elite Ironman, Realism, Realism Group Ironman
      • 65% -> 55% of OSRS
    • Elite Hardcore Ironman
      • 62% -> 52% of OSRS
  • These new rates are only base values and do not include usage of events or bonus scrolls that further boost drop rates.
Wandering Trader:
  • Can be found inside the trading post house on the east wall.
  • The trader will buy certain items from players in exchange for gold. Items that the trader is willing to buy are shown on his interface along with the remaining amount that can be sold and price he'll buy them for.
  • Pricing for items are taken directly from trading post averages with a random deduction of 15-30% for the convenience of selling to him.
  • Stock rotates every 8 hours with each re-stock taking place on 0:00, 8:00, and 16:00 UTC each day.
New Information Tabs:
  • Character Summary - Contains miscellaneous information on your character such as combat level, total level, total xp, quests completed, achievements completed, quick-access to your collection log, and your time played.
  • Server Events - You can now view any ongoing and upcoming events scheduled by the staff team. This new interface will break down when the event starts, how long it will last, and detailed information on what the event does.



  • Inferno:
    • Reduced HP for zuk healers to 75 (down from 80).
    • Reduced HP for Jal-Xil rangers to 125 (down from 130).
    • You can now use protect from missles to avoid combat stats being reduced by bats (Jal-Mej-Rah)
  • Theatre of Blood - Normal Mode:
    • Reduced boss and minion health for solo and duo teams. Damage modifiers remain the same.
    • Players can now collect their reward loot in the Theatre lobby near the bank. You will not be able to re-enter the theatre until all loot is claimed from the reward chest.
    • You can now tick-eat verzik's phase two lightning ball attack.
  • Theatre of Blood - Entry Mode:
    • Entry mode can now be selected on the group creation interface under the "Mode" setting. Most mechanics remain the same from normal mode, with the following notable changes:
      • Reduced health and combat stats for all bosses and minions. Additionally, most health amounts will scale all the way down to solo.
      • Maiden:
        • Only one nylocas matomenos will spawn per player
        • Blood spawns have a decreased chance of spawning
      • Pestilent Bloat:
        • No changes
      • Nylocas Vasilias:
        • Will switch combat styles at a slower rate to give players adequate time to switch gear sets.
      • Sotetseg:
        • When in a solo game, players will not be required to complete the maze. Groups will still have to complete the maze together like normal.
      • Xarpus:
        • No changes
      • Verzik Vitur:
        • No changes
    • Death Mechanics:
      • Groups will have three tries to complete the Theatre. Upon wiping, the current boss will be reset and players will get to restart the fight. Upon the third wipe, players will be sent back to the lobby.
      • Items sent to the instanced death chest will not require a fee to be paid when dying in entry mode.
      • Hardcore Ironmen WILL LOSE their status upon ANY death, even if it's not the third team wipe.
    • Separate highscores for this mode can be found on boards near the entrance.
    • Rewards:
      • Common rewards consist of a reduced drop table to normal mode.
      • As a custom incentive to entry mode, teams can roll to receive an avernic defender hilt at a base drop rate of 1/50. No other unique items can be obtained from entry mode.
  • Shooting stars:
    • Fixed the location for kourend mine, resulting in not being able to reach it
  • Fixed a skeleton spawn in the catacombs of kourend that would spawn inside an exit ladder.
  • Slightly increased walking radius for smoke devils. This should help decrease walkback when using a cannon from long ranges.
  • Agility:
    • Fixed the prifddinas agility course giving lap counts towards other courses or not at all.
  • Construction:
    • Fixed an issue where players could not withdraw certain items from various storage chests within their costume room.
  • Magic:
    • Thralls can now be properly summoned in most areas besides the following:
      • Pest control, duel arena, last man standing, tempoross, tournaments, wintertodt, barrelchest, mutant tarn, vanstrom klause, zalcano, basilisk knights, and at home.
  • Slayer:
    • Fixed an issue where the sixth task slot could not be unblocked.
    • Added the ability to purchase "Stop the wyvern" reward.
  • Amethyst Darts:
    • Created by using a chisel on amethyst to create amethyst dart tips then using feathers on the dart tips to create amethyst darts.
    • Can be equipped, placed inside a toxic blowpipe as ammunition, or poisoned.
  • The bow of faerdhinen can now be stored in the elf stash unit.
  • Enhanced crystal weapon seeds can now be exchanged at Amrod in Prifddinas for 1500 crystal shards each.
  • Fixed zulrah helms sometimes overflowing with charges.
  • Amulet of avarice now gives a 20% bonus to accuracy and damage when fighting against revenenants.
Other Changes/Fixes:
  • Reworked the grubby chest in forthos dungeon:
    • Now has a chance to drop blue and orange egg sacs, allowing you to metamorph the sarachnis pet!
  • Fixed inventory interface when using the seed vault.
  • Trading Post:
    • Prices for each item are now calculated and tracked on a rolling 90-day average. When you go to post an item for sale, this will be the default price set initially. If an item does not have an average price calculated, 0 will be shown, requiring you to enter a value.
  • Display-name changes:
    • Vouchers are now tradeable between players and on the trading post. Additionally, these can be manually used on ironmen.
    • You can now choose a 2-letter username through the in-game name changer provided it is available. Registering new accounts through the website will still require three or more characters.
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