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Lower the people requirement for lms games

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I really enjoy playing lms and almost always hop into a game when there's people. Unfortunately not everyone enjoys it like I do and so it doesn't happen often that games are running. Therefore I'd like to suggest lowering the players required for an lms game to 4 or at least 5. This will hopefully contribute to games running more often.

Lowering it to 5 may seem weird because it's an odd number and not everyone would have a matchup. That already is the case currently though, due to spawn locations. 



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I doubt this will increase activity of lms at all since pretty much no1 wants to play it unless an event is active, and barely then. I also dont really see people making a effort to even get games running. I dont really like lowering it below 6 since its already low and wont be any fun with 5 or less

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