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How to turn on dark mode


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Are you still a virgin default white forums user?
Well not for long! This guide is here to help you turn on dark mode for once and for all become a chad forums user!

I will let the pros and cons speak for themselves.


Step 1.
Open the forums https://forum.zaros.io/

Step 2.
Scroll all the way down.

Step 3.
Click on "Theme".

Step 4.
Select Zaros (Default).

Step 5.
Wait for the auto reload and bam, you are no longer a white virgin forums user.


Thanks for reading.

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I think the default is set to automatically put it in darkmode from the 1st time you visit the site. Nevertheless, the guide made me laugh. Cheers chad. 

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Oh man, if I had the true default on then I think I wouldn't be on the forums for too long lol! It's blinding and bland. Thanks for this guide!!


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