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Fish sack barrel buff, oily pearl fishing rod creation, and kingdoms?!?!?


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The fish sack barrel combination only holds 28 fish, takes about 2 days to grind out the sack itself. Gives no xp or fishing buff, and you also have to have it in your inventory to even empty it into your bank regardless. It would be great to see it get a small buff of some sort maybe even hold 62 fish or the ability like the herb sack to empty straight to bank anywhere u are. Also! Oily pearl fishing rod is currently unobtainable, it would be nice to see that as well.  ALSO KINGDOMS!!! Would absolutely be amazing, even as a donor only option I feel as though kingdoms is a crucial thing for ironmen to have access to. Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions, what do u guys think in the community?!

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