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A lot of Questions From a Noob


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I'm fresh to the rsps scene and while playing a few days on this server I've had a lot of questions. I thought I would just make this post instead of bugging the support cc every day lol. Disclaimer: I am on a regular account.

1. I've heard both that drops have been increased by 30% and that drops have been increased by 5% specifically to the realism accounts. I'm not sure which is which.

2. I see people in full bandos/ancestral/inquisitor/etc and was wondering how.. by drops or the tp? If so through the tp, how do you make that much money exactly?

3. Are bosses any easier/more difficult?

4. Are pet rates different from osrs? I know I kinda already asked this above but I wanted to know specifically about pets since I got the beaver very early on in game.

I apologize if this has been brought up before. Like I said, I'm new to these kinds of servers and really enjoying my time on this one, any help would be appreciated! ?

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Hey man, welcome to the server.

1. You can use the 'Drop Table Viewer' to see drop rates of all items/boss pets. As you can see when you start using it, drops are heavily buffed on here compared to osrs.


If you play the 'realist' or 'elite ironman' game modes you do get a marginally small drop rate % boost.

2. Both. With the current drop rates, it shouldn't take you too long to upgrade gear overtime. Especially if you learn raids and nightmare. 

3. Boss mechanics are pretty much 1:1 to the original game. Overall, it's a lot easier learning bosses here with instant teleports, fast combat levels, & easy means of gathering supplies.

4. Pet rates are far more common here. If you want the real #'s, that info is available at:  https://discord.gg/standalonecc

If you have anymore questions, feel free to join 'standalone' cc ingame?

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